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Workplace EMF Radiation & What to Do About It

Last Updated on: May 5, 2022

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What electronics at the workplace emit EMFs? What can you do to stay safe? EMF radiation has been linked to headaches, discomfort, sleep loss, and other symptoms, so check out our tips for reducing exposure and how a Qi Device can provide peace of mind with complete EMF shielding.

Where Are EMFs Found at Work?

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are often very prevalent and are emitted by many sources common to the workplace. Many offices are exposed to lots of EMF radiation, even without the employers or their staff being aware of it. These are some workplace sources of EMF radiation:

Personal Devices Tools Office Appliances Office Hardware
Cellphones Power tools Fluorescent lighting Computers
Pagers Fax machines Electrical main panels External hard drives
Other Bluetooth devices Fully-used power strips Large electric motors Plasma TVs
Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) Copy machines Electric cables Wi-Fi routers
Tablets Overhead projectors Cell antennas Wi-Fi routers
Printers 5G networks Wi-Fi networks Radios

woman with a Qi device in her work place

Reducing EMF Exposure in the Workplace

Clearly, there are many potential sources of EMFs at work, and some of them may be electronics that are directly worked with, like power tools, computers, cellphones, or PDAs. While there may be limits to the changes that can be made in the office, here are some that are easily accomplished: turn off Bluetooth on the phone when not in use, take calls on a corded phone instead of a cordless one, plug in speakers away from the work desk instead of right at the desk, and move the Wi-Fi router 20 feet away from anyone’s desk so it’s at a safe distance. Don’t sit too close to the computer or TV while at work, simplify the power strip set up by unplugging devices when not in use, and only use a laptop on a desk or other surface instead of resting it on the lap.

EMFs can cause headaches, discomfort, and other issues, so reducing your exposure will be worth the effort. However, do some of these changes seem hard to accomplish, or are there other workplace sources of EMF that need to be addressed? The best plan of defense against exposure is to get a Qi Device from Synergy Science.

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Safety With a Qi Device

Synergy Science offers a simple solution to the workplace EMF exposure so prevalent in today’s workplace. The four types of efficient Qi Devices™ provide protective fields that shield from EMF radiation. Their range of protection goes from 3 to 328 feet, depending on which device is chosen.

The Qi Me™ is the smallest of Synergy Science’s EMF shielding devices, with a protective range of 3 to 5 feet. It is designed to protect one person from EMF exposure. This device could easily be carried all day at work. From the break room to the desk, the Qi Me™ can solve your EMF problem. The Qi Me is 3 7/8 inches long, 2 3/4 inches high, and 1 3/4 inches wide, weighs .3. The device comes in pine, olive, maple, or walnut wood. The Qi Me™ is rectangular, and the other three EMF protection devices are cylindrical. Its size makes it easy and convenient to use during travel, as well as time at home.

Interested in protecting the whole office? Shop for the Qi Home, which has a wider protective area of 50 by 50 feet. With a simple, yet bold cylindrical design of 15 5/8 by 6 inches and weighing 13.4 pounds, this device is the perfect addition to any office. The Qi Home comes in beechwood or pine. The Qi Home can simply sit on a desk or table in the office and provide a wide area of protection from EMF radiation.

While there are several sources of EMF radiation in the workplace, ranging from fluorescent lights to power tools, printers, and photocopiers, there are solutions that you can implement right now. While these steps certainly are effective ways to reduce EMF radiation in the workplace, the best plan of defense is to acquire a Qi Device from Synergy Science. Check out the web store today to choose the best Qi Device for your workplace EMF-proofing needs.

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