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Last Updated on: May 5, 2022

Reviewed By: Jessica Herzog, MD, FAAP, ABioM

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Water is a vital part of our everyday lives. While we would like to believe that the water we get from our tap is safe to consume, the reality of the situation is that tap water is not as regulated as we would like to think. Don’t worry, though; we have many filters that can help you improve the quality of your water.

Water can pick up lots of harmful chemicals, bacteria, pesticides, and herbicides as it travels from your water source to your faucet. Depending on your location, water filtration may be necessary to maintain healthy drinking water. Let’s talk about what filters Synergy Science™ offers and which one will work best for you.


All Echo H2 Machines™ and Echo Ultimates™ come with an internal filtration system that removes 90% of soluble metals. The filter needs to be replaced every six months.

The Echo Replacement Filter removes things like:

  • Pesticides
  • Chlorine
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
Synergy Science™ Sulfur & Heavy Metal Filter


If your water has a foul rotten-egg odor, you may have an increased level of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is considered poisonous but is typically not harmful in the small levels found in household water sources. However, elevated levels have been known to cause nausea, illness, and in rare cases, even death. (1)

If your water has high levels of hydrogen sulfide or if your water source is primarily well water, we recommend using the Sulfur and Heavy Metals Filter. The Sulfur and Heavy Metals Filter is an optional pre-filter and is used outside of any Echo Water™ Machine.

Filter features include:

  • 20 micron filtration
  • KDF 85 filter with high-grade filtration
  • Removes iron, sulfur, and hydrogen sulfide from water
woman drinking a glass of water at home
Water is a vital part of everyday life.


Many areas that have lower natural fluoride levels in the water will actually add fluoride to the water to potentially reduce tooth decay in the local population. While fluoride in small amounts can be very beneficial, there can be many negative health effects if you consume too much fluoride. (2)

One major problem associated with consuming too much fluoride is skeletal fluorosis. Skeletal fluorosis often causes the bones to harden and lose elasticity, causing them to be more prone to fracture. (2)

Other health problems associated with overexposure to fluoride include thyroid problems, neurological problems, acne, cardiovascular problems, and lower fertility in women. (2)

If you are in an area that has a record of high fluoride levels, we recommend using the Fluoride Filter. This is a pre-filter that uses high-grade NSF-Certified filtration for heavy metals, arsenic, lead, and all types of added fluoride.

Filter features include:

  • 20 micron filtration
  • Removes fluoride, heavy metals, and chlorine
  • Used for pre-filtration
hard water filter
Synergy Science™ Hard Water Filter


Hard water occurs when there are high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium in household water. While hard water has no adverse health effects, it can cause damage to your Echo Hydrogen Water™ Machine. (3) In order to maintain the integrity of the machine, we recommend using the Hard Water Filter.

Filter features include:

  • 20 micron filtration
  • Softens hard water
  • Perfect for a 3rd or 4th stage of filtration


All water is not created equal. Depending on your city, county, and state, your water could be harming you. Don’t fret! With Synergy Science™ hydrogen water machines and pre-filters, you can improve the quality of your water and your health. Find peace of mind knowing your family is drinking clean, filtered water.

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