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What Produces EMFs at Home and What to Do About It

Last Updated on: July 26, 2021

Reviewed By: Jessica Herzog, MD, FAAP, ABioM


Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are very commonplace and are emitted by numerous sources commonly found in the home. Some of them might surprise you:


This is quite an extensive list of potential EMF sources in the home, meaning that there are many sources of harmful EMF exposure and the potential for more than a couple of sources running at the same time. However, some of these sources are easy to mitigate with some simple changes, so don’t get discouraged. Homes with radiant electrical heating, for example, can be warmed in safer ways. Contrary to the name “laptop,” these computers are more safely used on a surface like a desk or table. Wi-Fi routers can be turned off when not in use, and goals can be set to reduce screen time.

Find ways to simplify the chord setup so there isn’t as much electrical wiring going into one outlet or power strip. Make sure to place some distance between you and the microwave when in use. Similarly, don’t sit too close to the computer or TV when in use. Take calls in speaker mode or with earbuds or headphones to avoid taking the call with the phone directly on the face. Switch off devices, like cellphones, pagers, and printers, and appliances, like washers and dryers, when they are not being used.

It’s also important not to sleep too close to the phone. Video game consoles, a big source of EMF radiation, can be wrapped in EMF-shielding materials. Before shopping for a hybrid vehicle, do some research on its potential EMF levels to be better informed.

An EMF reader can be used to find out exactly what levels of EMF radiation are in the home, and plans can be made from there to reduce exposure. While steps can be taken to reduce EMF exposure at home, nothing beats a Qi Device from Synergy Science.


The very best defense against EMF radiation is a Qi EMF-shielding device from Synergy Science, the only technology that has been proven through double-blind studies to completely protect users from EMF fields. The Qi Shield, Qi Me, Qi Max, and Qi Home protect from EMFs at home by neutralizing the energy waves.

This means that, while people are within range of the Qi Device, they can use their cellphone, television, laptop, or other electronic device without worrying about EMF exposure. The Qi Device neutralizes the radiation without affecting the devices themselves, so call, scroll, or watch without the fear of EMF exposure.

The Qi Devices have a simple, yet elegant design: a copper ring and a wooden cylindrical frame. The exception is the rectangular Qi Me. Most Qi Devices are available with different wood options, allowing shoppers to choose between beech and Swiss pine. The Qi Me, the smallest device with the smallest protection field, has the most options for wood, including Swiss Pine, Maple, Walnut, and Olive. The Qi Devices are designed to quietly and effectively operate without needing to be charged or switched on. They are a great addition to any home and can protect you and your family from the headaches and discomfort of EMF radiation. Check out our web store if you are interested in taking at-home EMF protection to the next level.

While there are numerous potential sources of EMF radiation in the home, there are many ways that you can increase your EMF protection now. While these immediate solutions for reducing EMF exposure can be effective, the best way to be protected from EMF exposure is by getting a Qi Device from Synergy Science.

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