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What Is Tritan™ Plastic And Does It Help My Health?

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We use plastic every day, but the plastic you use could be leaking chemicals into your food and drink, even if it claims to be BPA-free. But there is a better option! In this article, we discuss a revolutionary plastic that is considered the safest in the world.

Here’s a little riddle for you: what’s as clear as crystal, completely BPA-free, and lighter than glass but shatter-resistant? 

The answer: Tritan™ plastic! 

Never heard of Tritan™ plastic before? You’re probably not the only one. Although Tritan™ plastic has been around since about 2002, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. First created by Eastman Chemical Company, Tritan™ plastic is becoming a popular replacement for traditional plastic products because it is safer, more durable, and more aesthetically pleasing. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the reasons why we love and use Tritan™ plastic! 

What Makes Tritan™ Plastic So Amazing?

BPA Free Icon

Tritan™ plastic is 100% BPA-free. However, unlike other BPA-free plastics that use BPS as a replacement, Tritan™ plastic is also BPS-free. Not only that, but Tritan™ plastic does not contain any bisphenols compounds. (1)

Medical Grade Icon

Some Tritan™ plastic products are considered medical grade, which means they are approved and used for medical devices. Now that’s a product you can trust! (2)

BPS Free Icon

Several accredited universities and third-party labs have tested Tritan™ plastic, and all of the results overwhelmingly demonstrate that Tritan™ plastic is safe and truly BPA- and BPS-free. (3)

Chemical Free Icon

Tritan™ plastic is completely free of estrogenic activity and androgenic activity. Most other plastics — even those that claim to be BPA-free — contain and leak chemicals that mimic estrogen. This can interfere with your body’s natural cellular signaling process and cause a variety of problems. Tritan™ plastic contains none of these chemicals. (3

FDA Approved Icon

The FDA, Health Canada, and other regulatory agencies have approved Tritan™ plastic for use in food contact applications. (4

Durable and Strong Icon
Tritan™ plastic is lightweight — lighter than glass — yet incredibly durable. It is shatter-resistant, won’t ding or dent, and won’t warp or lose clarity after repeated use or going through the dishwasher. (5)
Reduce Waste Icon

Because of Tritan™ plastic’s durability, it can last much longer than traditional plastic products. This means you don’t have to purchase as many plastic products and can help reduce plastic waste. 

Integrating Tritan™ Plastic

At Synergy Science™, we have two products that are made with Tritan™ plastic! Want to get in on the Tritan™ plastic benefits? Check out our Echo Go™ and Echo H2 Pitcher™. Because these products are made with Tritan™ plastic, you can rest assured knowing that they will remain clear and clean even after many uses! Plus, you don’t have to worry about breaking or dinging your Echo Go™ or Echo H2 Pitcher™ as you go about your daily life.

Synergy Science Echo Go for Drinking Hydrogen Water Portable

Echo Water™ Devices made with Tritan™ plastic

So what are you waiting for? Check out our Tritan™ plastic hydrogen water products and start enjoying the benefits of both hydrogen-enriched water and 100% safe plastic. 

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