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What Is Sodium Hypochlorite?

Last Updated on: June 16, 2022

woman disinfecting her home with the Echo Clean

Sodium hypochlorite is a powerful, toxin-free sanitizer and disinfectant that can help keep your home germ-free and your family healthy. Learn more about what sodium hypochlorite is and how it works.

Germs are everywhere. From doorknobs and countertops to your coworker sneezing in the cubicle next to you, germs are hard to avoid. But just because germs surround us every day, that doesn’t mean your home can’t be a germ-free sanctuary. With powerful, natural cleaners like sodium hypochlorite, you can keep germs at bay and help keep your family healthy.

What Is Sodium Hypochlorite?

Sodium hypochlorite is a chlorine compound composed of sodium, oxygen, and chlorine. (1) This means that the sodium hypochlorite formula is NaClO. Sound too scientific? You may know it by its commercial name: bleach. Bleach isn’t 100% sodium hypochlorite, but rather a watered-down mixture with sodium hypochlorite as the active ingredient. Most household bleaches contain roughly 3% to 8% sodium hypochlorite. (2)

Sodium hypochlorite can be in either a gaseous or liquid form. When a gas, it is highly unstable and explosive. When a liquid, however, sodium hypochlorite is stable and non-explosive. (2) Liquid sodium hypochlorite is typically colorless or slightly yellow, and it smells like traditional household bleach. (1)

There are several different ways to make sodium hypochlorite, but one common way is the electrolysis of brine (aka, salt water). When a direct current passes through salt, it produces chlorine at the anode and hydrogen at the cathode. Mixing these two molecules with the sodium ions in the solution creates sodium hypochlorite. (3)

cleaning the bathroom with the Echo Clean
Sodium hypochlorite is a powerful disinfectant and sanitizing agent.

What Are the Uses of Sodium Hypochlorite?

Perhaps sodium hypochlorite’s most common use is as household bleach, where it can be used for cleaning, removing stains, and as a disinfectant. (2) However, sodium hypochlorite has been used in a variety of industries for various disinfecting and cleansing purposes. For example, it has been used to (1, 4):

  • Clean and disinfect topical wounds in the medical field
  • Purify water on a large scale
  • Remove stains from clothing
  • Reduce odors in industrial water waste
  • Prevent the growth of algae and shellfish in water cooling towers
  • Disinfect swimming pools and prevent microorganism buildup
  • Destroy bacteria, fungi, and viruses

Sodium Hypochlorite as a Disinfectant

Several studies have proven just how effective sodium hypochlorite is in disinfecting various bacteria and viruses. One study showed that sodium hypochlorite can disinfect mycoplasma bovis, the most prevalent and invasive bacteria among cattle that can cause mastitis, respiratory disease, and arthritis, and which is inherently resistant to certain antibiotics. (5, 6, 7)

A test performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that sodium hypochlorite is an effective disinfectant that can kill 9 different strains of H. pylori bacteria in just 30 seconds! (8) Several other studies have also found that sodium hypochlorite is highly effective against inactivating the HIV virus. (8)

Sodium hypochlorite has a broad range of antimicrobial activity, which makes it the perfect natural sanitizer and disinfectant for any home. It acts fast, doesn’t leave any toxic residues, removes organisms or biofilms that are dried or fixed to surfaces, and has very low toxicity. (8) In short, sodium hypochlorite is the natural disinfectant that every home needs.

The Echo Clean™ produces both sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid to give you two safe and extremely effective cleaners in one bottle.

The Echo Clean™: A Smarter Way to Clean

Looking for a simple and safe way to clean your home with sodium hypochlorite? Then the Echo Clean™ is just what you need. The Echo Clean™ is a powerful personal cleaner that uses electrolysis to create sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid.

Hypochlorous acid is another powerful, natural cleaner that is very similar to sodium hypochlorite. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), hypochlorous acid is about 80 times more effective at disinfecting than traditional household bleach. (9) Studies have found that hypochlorous acid can help neutralize many different viruses and bacteria, including E. coli, COVID-19, staphylococcus, and salmonella. To learn more about hypochlorous acid, check out this blog post!

Because the Echo Clean™ makes both hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite at the same time, you are getting two of the most powerful cleaners and disinfectants at once. This safe, natural cleaner is great for cleaning and disinfecting around the house. Use it to:

  • Disinfect kids’ toys
  • Sterilize bathrooms and toilets
  • Disinfect kitchen countertops
  • Kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi around the house
  • Deodorize stinky feet, shoes, and clothes

Because the Echo Clean™ produces two highly effective and scientifically proven disinfectants, it makes cleaning your home so much easier. You no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars each year on a cupboard full of different cleaners. Plus, because the Echo Clean™ is made of BPA-free Tritan™ plastic, you can say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles. This eco-friendly and affordable alternative to traditional cleaners helps you save money and keep your home germ-free without the use of toxic chemicals.

Ready to transform your cleaning routine? Get your Echo Clean™ today, and keep your home clean with sodium hypochlorite.

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