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Now You Can Harness the Healing Power of Nature’s Most Powerful Anti-Oxidant

Over 700 Scientific Studies Show Hydrogen-Infused Water Helps Your Body Heal Faster, Gives You More Energy, Speeds Your Recovery and Helps Your Body Fight Off over 169 Different Diseases

And Now You Can Get All the Benefits of Hydrogen Water in the Comfort of Your Home

and Harness the Healing Power of Hydrogen in Your Home

The Sea Cruise “Cure” that woke Dr. Paul to the Power of Hydrogen

My name is Paul Barattiero. I am the founder of Synergy Science and I live in Utah.

My wife and I have been married 27 years now and for the first 12 years she had serious issues with her menstrual cycle.

One week out of each month, the kids and I would just…lose her. She would be in so much pain she couldn’t get out of bed. We would have to plan our lives around her cycle. Careful not to plan anything during that ominous ONE WEEK. We cancelled plans, we missed out on a lot of family fun.

One fateful day, some friends asked us to join them on nine-day cruise. We hesitantly agreed. Hoping her cycle would not coincide with the cruise.

It did.

Her cycle began on Day One of the cruise!

And as we were driving down to Miami to board the ship, she was in the back seat doubled over in agony. Moaning and clutching her abdomen.

Maybe we’re not going on this cruise after all.

I pulled over for her to use the restroom and one of the employees asked, “Should we call an ambulance?”

I said, “No, this is actually normal for her, it happens every month.”

Well, we got to the ship, and my wife is gritting her teeth and trying to soldier on. Our friends greet us and say, “Hey, we brought some water for you guys.”

I said, “Why?”

They said, “You can’t drink the water on the ship, that stuff is terrible!”

So, we took the 8 gallons of water they brought us and put them in our cabin. My wife drank some.and then drank more…and then drank more…

“My body is CRAVING this water! I can’t stop drinking it!”

Normally, she would be in pain for an entire week but within two days, she was up and enjoying the cruise. This had NEVER happened in the 12 years we had been married (except when she was pregnant, of course)! I thought “Holy cow, this is amazing!” And when we got home, she started going and getting water from our friends every other day. And within a few months, she had ZERO menstrual pain. She got her life back. We got our family time back. As you’ve already guessed it was hydrogen-infused water that performed this “miracle” on my wife. And as a naturopath, I had to find out more! Why haven’t I heard about this? What can this stuff do for other people? I need to dig into this.

The Great Alkaline Mystery Solved… It Was Really the Hydrogen that Healed!

Remember when everyone was saying that balancing your body’s pH was the answer to fighting disease? The theory was that if you drank alkaline water it would reduce your body’s acidity. Since acidic environments promote bacterial growth, we thought that a more alkaline body would fight off those bugs better.
Kinda right…but mostly wrong.

A weird thing happened. People would by pH-balancing electrolysis water systems and would feel GREAT for a couple of weeks…but then the benefits would start to “wear off.”

Well, it’s a bit complicated, but basically after a couple of weeks, these electrolysis machines would get corroded, calcified…and the hydrogen bubbles would coalesce and get too large to be dissolved.

They machines were still making the water alkaline…but the hydrogen was no longer in the water!

And the Hydrogen was delivering the real healing power in the water!

Over 700 Scientific Studies and Over 1000 Publications Suggest that Hydrogen Can Be a Powerful Weapon Against…

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Attack
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Osteoporosis
  • Auto-Immune Diseases
  • Depression
  • Lyme’s Disease
  • Obesity
  • Thyroid Issues
  • ADHD
  • Vision Problems
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Bi-polar Disorder

Plus, hydrogen has been shown to increase energy, lessen fatigue, speed recovery times, and improve brain function. All because it’s the smallest molecule known to man – and it can go literally anywhere in the body.

Put simply – Hydrogen can help! No matter WHAT the condition that you or your family may suffer from.

Why Is Nature’s Tiniest Element Also It’s Most Powerful Antioxidant?

Remember high school chemistry class?

Hydrogen is the first element of the periodic table of elements. It is the lightest and the smallest. And this teeny-ness is a BIG part of its power. It can go everywhere and anywhere!

Here’s what Dr. Joe Mercola calls hydrogen…

“the most exciting and profoundly effective antioxidant”

and Harness the Healing Power of Hydrogen in Your Home

How Hydrogen Can You “Reset” Your Gut

When your eat a healthy supply of fiber from raw vegetables, you are feeding the bacteria in your gut what it needs to produce lots and lots of healing hydrogen.

Of course, most people do NOT eat nearly enough of this kind of high-fiber food…so their gut is starved of hydrogen.

Yes, you should eat more fiber.

But a faster way to get your gut the hydrogen it needs is from hydrogen water!

Hydrogen can facilitate optimal metabolic function restoration. It can help heal your gut, so your gut can do what it’s designed to do!

Why Your “Master Hormone” Loves Hydrogen and How it Can Help Your Brain

Your body has two master hormones that control fat storing and energy production. And one of those is Ghrelin. And when you have plenty of hydrogen gas is in your stomach, it stimulates Ghrelin secretions. These then go to the hippocampus, the hypothalamus, and the brainstem to increase cognitive function.

So, this could be hugely beneficial for people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism, or even bipolar disorder.

And it’s not a long process! Doctors I know have seen Parkinson’s tremors go away within 20 minutes of hydrogen intake.

Your gut…and your brain LOVE hydrogen.

and Harness the Healing Power of Hydrogen in Your Home

The Secret Hydrogen Club Of High-Powered Health Experts

If you were to interview hundreds of doctors around the globe, you would quickly discover that there is what seems like a “Secret Hydrogen Club” of prestigious doctors and natural health experts who know about and promoted the used of hydrogen water to their patients…

Here are just some of the “High Powered Hydrogen Promoters” that I know of…

So, it’s not just lil ol’ me saying this. It’s over 700 scientific studies and many of the most prestigious names in the health industry!

and Harness the Healing Power of Hydrogen in Your Home

“OK, I Get it, I Need Hydrogen Water! So, How Do I Get it?”

The most affordable and effective way to have hydrogen water readily available in your home is with Echo Hydrogen Water Machines from Synergy Science.

Why are the Echo Systems the most affordable and effective ways to have hydrogen water in your home?

Reason #1. They work. Unlike electrolysis alkaline systems that get calcified after a couple of weeks and no longer deliver the hydrogen, these systems do not get calcified! You get the life-giving hydrogen week after week, month after month, year after year.

Reason #2. They are affordable. With options from $1075 to $4495, there is a system for any budget. Again, compare these prices with similar systems (that do NOT guarantee hydrogen delivery) and you’ll see the Echo systems are highly affordable.

Reason #3. They work FAST! Unlike gravity water filtration systems that can take hours to filter water, you can have your perfectly filtered, hydrogen water in a matter of minutes!

Reason #4. No cleaning necessary! Yes, you CAN clean it if you want (we recommend once a year). But unlike electrolysis “pH-balancing” machines that have to be cleaned EVERY TWO WEEKS or they stop delivering hydrogen, you can just set-and-forget your Echo system. And know you’re getting the hydrogen your body needs.

Reason #5. Free Shipping anywhere in the World! That’s right. You don’t pay a dime for delivery.

Reason #6. Free installation for the Echo Server and Echo H2. We’ll pay for all the work to get it installed and up and running, for you.

Reason #7. A brand you can trust. Synergy Science has been producing and standing behind their Echo H2 machines for over 12 years now!

And Don’t Forget about the All-Important Filtration!

Filtration is CRUCIAL! Many of the most expensive water machines out there have almost ZERO Filtration!

The Echo H2 model comes with filtration systems designed to remove almost ALL TOXIC substances commonly found in your tap water…

  • PFA, the active ingredient in Teflon.
  • FOS which is an active ingredient in the scotch guard
  • Cancer causing and endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Prozac
  • Celexa
  • Estrogen from birth control pills and animal feed.
  • Chromium six
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Benzene
  • Dimethyl sulfide
  • Naphthalene
  • Tri, methyl benzene
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Heavy metals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Glyphosate

You’re not still drinking tap water…are you? If you are, STOP!

Get the life-giving hydrogen your body needs, WITHOUT ALL THE TOXINS!

and Harness the Healing Power of Hydrogen in Your Home

Our “Try Hydrogen Power for One Month” Guarantee

If you buy an Echo today, we’ll let you try it for a whole month. Have your kids , your grandparents, your neighbors, have everyone try it.

If you don’t feel the health benefits, if you don’t CRAVE this water, if you don’t feel more energy, if you can somehow bear to part with it…we’ll take it back and give you a full refund, (minus a $250 install fee or a $100 fee if you didn’t have it installed.)

That’s right for just $100, you can try out the benefits of hydrogen water for a WHOLE month.

Why are we making this astounding guarantee?

Because we are that confident that you’ll love it. We are that confident you’ll feel the life-giving benefits of hydrogen THAT FAST!

So, we’re putting our money where our water is!

Big Bonuses If You Buy Before the Deadline

If you invest before the deadline, you’ll also get…

Great Discount! You save $300 on the normal selling price!

Free Shipping. This free shipping offer is only available during this promotion! (a $99 value)

Free Installation. Free installation for the Echo Server and Echo H2. We’ll pay for all the work to get it installed and up and running, for you. (up to $150 value).

That’s over $600 in savings and bonuses…but only if you buy before the deadline!

The Crucial Hydrogen Questions Only YOU Can Answer

And in these pandemic times, what is a stronger immune system for you and your family worth?

Is it worth $1045? $1,995? $2,495?

For me, personally, it’s worth tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. But only you can answer what the life-giving power of hydrogen is worth to you and your family.

Why not try it for a month and find out for yourself?

and Harness the Healing Power of Hydrogen in Your Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrogen water is simply water with dissolved molecular hydrogen gas (H2). Hydrogen gas is separated from a stream of water during electrolysis. Then, we dissolve it into a second stream of water. Hydrogen has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, which is the leading cause of disease. Hydrogen’s therapeutic benefits are displayed in nearly 1,000 scientific studies and articles, spanning over 12 years.

Molecular hydrogen, which is supported by nearly 1,000 scientific studies, has always been the focus of Echo Water™ Machines. The Echo Hydrogen Module™ sets our machines apart from the others. Our patented module is designed so that the electrodes are not in contact with the water that you drink. In other words, the metal of the electrodes is not in the water. Hydrogen gas is separated from a stream of water and dissolved into a second stream of water. The primary purpose of Echo Hydrogen Water™ Machines is to make hydrogen water, not to create alkaline water with hydrogen water as a bonus. Our machines create hydrogen water without changing the pH of the source water. Since the cathode in our hydrogen module is not in contact with the water, it can never accumulate mineral buildup. This means that our machines will continue to be able to dissolve hydrogen gas and produce quality hydrogen water.

The focus of Echo Water™ Machines is and has always been on molecular hydrogen, which is supported by nearly 1,000 scientific studies. Our proprietary Echo Hydrogen Module™ is vastly different than any other hydrogen-producing module in the world. In the patented module, the electrodes are not in contact with the water you are drinking. This means that the metal of the electrodes is not in the water. In the module, we separate hydrogen gas from a stream of water and then dissolve this gas in a second stream of water. Echo Hydrogen Water™ Machines were designed from the ground up with the primary purpose of making hydrogen water, not creating hydrogen water as a by-product of producing alkaline water. We make the hydrogen water without changing the pH of the source water. Because the cathode in our hydrogen module is not in contact with the water, it can never get mineral buildup and will always be able to dissolve hydrogen gas.

 On the other hand, Kangen Water® machines requires constant cleaning (as stated in their warranty page) in order to continue dissolving hydrogen gas. If you don’t clean the Kangen Water® machine with citric acid or vinegar, you won’t have very much, or any, dissolved hydrogen gas in the water. The Echo Water™ Machines do not need constant cleaning to be able to dissolve hydrogen gas. Cleaning them once a year, from a preventative maintenance perspective, is enough.

While Kangen Water® does well at making alkaline and acid water as it was designed to, it does not perform well at producing hydrogen water. Their saline-injected water causes the platinum coating on their electrodes to diminish over time. If you don’t clean the Kangen Water® machines often, the mineral buildup on the cathode prevents the hydrogen bubbles from being dissolved. If they are not dissolved, they will not have the benefits. In their warranty, Kangen Water® states that their machines need to be cleaned every two weeks.

Yes, our Echo Water™ Machines can be used with nearly every water source. The Echo H2 Server™ is ideal for connecting to a reverse osmosis or another home water filtration system.

When connecting to well water, we recommend using the external Sulfur and Heavy Metals Filter. This filter removes common toxins found in well water while protecting your Echo Water™ Machine.

When connecting to municipal water, we recommend using the external Fluoride Filter. This filter significantly reduces the amount of fluoride in the water.

If you live in an area with hard water or high TDS (total dissolved solids), we recommend the external Hard Water Filter. This filter will extend the life of your Echo Water™ Machine.

Because Echo Hydrogen Water™ has a neutral pH, it is perfectly safe to take with medications. On the other hand, alkaline water is not the best for taking time-release medications. Time-release medications are a two-part pill designed to resist an acid environment because the stomach is very acidic. Alkaline water will dissolve tablets very quickly, so they will no longer have a time-release effect.
Yes, you can add ingredients to change the taste of the water. The amount of hydrogen that would be dislodged by this is minimal. Enjoy your water!

When you choose to get an Echo Water™ Machine, you’re choosing to invest in your health and your life. While most machines require very little maintenance, regular preventive cleanings will ensure the machine lasts longer.

For the Echo H2 Machine™ and Echo Ultimate™, the Echo Hydrogen Module™ will always operate buildup free, but mineral buildup can occur in the lines. Cleaning the machine is simple, and all you need is a Cleaning Cartridge. When installed, the Cleaning Cartridge flushes citric acid throughout the machine, removing any mineral buildup from the lines.

For the Echo H2 Pitcher™, you’ll need baking soda and water. The detailed cleaning instructions are in the product manual. (Click here to view the product manual.)

The Echo H2 Server™ requires previous filtration, such as a reverse osmosis system. The previously filtered water reduces the need for cleaning.

We recommend that an Echo Water™ Machine have a preventive cleaning once a year at a minimum. If you live in an area with hard water or high total dissolved solids (TDS), we recommend cleaning your machine at least twice a year.

You can also sign up for the filter subscription plan, which gets your filters and cleaning cartridges scheduled and delivered automatically. This is the best way to protect your Echo Water™ Machine and the investment in your health.

In an open cup or glass, hydrogen will last three to five hours.

At most, hydrogen will last in water up to 10 days if the container is filled to the top — with no air space at the top — and the container is tightly sealed. After the container is opened and you take a drink, the hydrogen will last another three to five hours.

Yes! You can disconnect your Echo Water™ Machine and take it with you. Disconnecting the machine is simple and will only take a few minutes.

For an above-counter machine, disconnect the water source line going into the machine, unscrew the faucet diverter valve if that is connected, and unplug the machine.

For an under-sink machine, disconnect the water source line going into the machine and disconnect the lines running to the faucet. Remove the faucet from the sink. Unplug and remove the machine. Many people install a soap dispenser into the now empty faucet hole.

Customers buy an Echo Water™ Machine because they would like to protect themselves and their family. We take that responsibility seriously. That’s why all of our machines are made from the highest quality of medical-grade materials and only manufactured in certified ISO factories. We believe in the quality of our machines. That’s why we back them with a five-year defects warranty that covers parts, labor, and return shipping to you. We also include basic installation for the Echo Water™ Machine and shipping.
The Echo filter removes around 99% of pesticides, chlorine, chloramines, bacteria, viruses, and algae. It also removes around 99% of soluble metals such as mercury, lead, nickel, copper, chromium, and arsenic. The Echo filter also stops scale buildup, including lime. You can see the full test results here.
Molecular hydrogen is very safe. It has been scientifically studied for over 12 years, with nearly 1,000 studies and articles showing that it is safe. Hydrogen gas is naturally produced in the gut, which can produce liters of hydrogen after a fiber-rich meal.