Want a Competitive Advantage? Water You Waiting For?

Last Updated on: October 27, 2021

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Water is a key component of our lives. Read our article on how to improve your daily life and routines, and potentially help your workouts. It’s important to take a critical look at every aspect of your health and making the right choices along the way.


It comprises 60% of the human body and 75% of the Earth’s surface area, and is the key component of nature. Water is without a doubt the most critical aspect within nature. In nature, there is always competition. It is not out of greed, but rather instinct and necessity, that we thrive for more and quest for the advancement of ourselves, loved ones, or for the improvement of our race. In today’s day and age, this has moved to extrinsic factors like improving the world around us or striving to be a better-looking version of ourselves. What we’re here to focus on is how water can affect mental acuity, physical performance, and a variety of other factors.

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The most noticeable impact water plays is its effect with hydration in our bodies. Whenever we undertake new initiatives in our lives or just want a better version of ourselves, hydration plays a pivotal role. Across the board, individuals who were dehydrated were found to have significantly less performance within their tasks compared to their counterparts. A study done in 2019 found that this might “… directly affect pupils’ academic performance through the cognitive benefits associated with decreased dehydration.” (1) Multiple studies have found that dehydration causes around a 5% decrease in a child’s academic performance. In adults, the consequences of dehydration could be a little more impactful. The added responsibility of adulthood means there are more variables being affected by dehydration. Changes in cognitive function could impede your workplace, social life, or even simply your drive home. Dehydrated individuals were found to make over twice as many errors in their driving compared to those that were properly hydrated. (2) This change was equated to a low level of intoxication for impaired drivers. As a society, we view buzzed driving just as bad as drunk driving, so this parallel should definitely be given more consideration. Beyond the glaring issues, dehydration is a more serious concern than many of us imagine. The cognitive impact on its own should be more of a point of focus for not just personal improvement, but proper maintenance of the human body.


Focus on health or general improvement of the human body, should begin with hydration. If you’re trying to run your first 5K, or just gathering the motivation to hit the weights, your journey should begin here. In the most basic sense, you can only survive three to five days without water. If you’re trying to push your body to its limits, you have to start with the right building blocks. Individuals who attempt to workout without proper hydration create “greater cellular and whole body stress including an elevated core temperature [which] significantly decreases performance.” (3) By physically exerting yourself without proper hydration, you are not only diminishing your potential returns, but you’re also harming yourself. Proper hydration helps your body by:

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  • Transporting glucose and oxygen into your muscles
  • Supporting your brain, blood, muscles, and bones
  • Improving food digestion (helping to convert food to energy you can use)
  • Removing metabolic byproducts like carbon dioxide from your hard-working muscles

Regulating body temperature, especially during your workouts when your muscles generate 20 times more heat energy than a body at rest. (4)

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Selecting the type of water you drink also plays an important role in hydration. Factors such as pH, hydrogenated water, and levels of purity can play their own part. Many will claim that alkaline water hydrates better than normal tap water. Similar claims can be made about drinking hydrogen water. Both are true in their own rights and promote their own benefits. However, there are some things you should consider first. The tap water you receive can differ by region. Some areas of the world still have lower standards of filtration. The water you consume may contain particulates, pesticides, or a variety of other negative contaminants. If you instead consider hydrogen water, you could be afforded the additional benefits of gut health, improved cognitive function, and reduced oxidative stress to name a few. Alkaline water offers its own set of benefits such as improving acid reflux and increased blood flow. These are all aspects that you need to consider when developing your own plans for success. Find out what is important to your health and figure out what option is right for you.

Overall, it’s just a good practice to be properly hydrated. Improving your health isn’t something revolutionary or trendy; it’s simply the right thing to do for yourself. If you plan on trying to improve your workout results or simply make the workday a little better, make sure you’re getting the recommended amount of daily water (9 to 13 cups). For those that want to go the extra mile, you can experiment with drinking hydrogen water. Have fun with the process and try your best to create a happier and healthier you.

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