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The 3 Reasons to Drink Hydrogen Water That You Can Share in 10 Seconds

Hydrogen-enriched water:

  1. Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation
  2. Improves cognitive functions
  3. Repairs immune and gut functions

The Echo H2 Machine is our most popular hydrogen water machine. It’s reliable and easy to use. If you can learn the three selling points of the Echo H2 Machine, you can make it your bread and butter, too.

In addition to the three selling points of hydrogen-enriched water, know that it can increase mitochondrial function, resulting in more energy.


  • When used under the sink, it must connect to an Echo H2 Faucet
  • The Echo H2 Machine comes with an internal filter that lasts up to 1,000 gallons
  • Additional pre-external filters can be purchased
  • Echo H2 Machine comes with a 5-year defects warranty that covers parts, labor, and return shipping on defective machine
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