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The Only Scientifically Supported EMF-Protection Device

Qi Devices™ with Waveguard Technology are different than any other protection device, as they are the only proven EMF-protection device. There are 12 studies about Qi Technology. Qi Devices are not plugin devices, but instead use the proprietary Qi Solution™ inside to create an electrical charge. The Qi Solution™ also creates a protective field, which it fills with electrons within 24 hours. Qi Devices™ decrease EMF field strength by 50% by depolarizing the signal, rendering it biologically safe. 

The benefits of Qi Devices™ are many. Those who are electrosensitive will no longer have headaches or pain caused by EMFs, and if they walk into a room, home, or building protected by a Qi Device™, they will not be able to sense the Wi-Fi. Qi Devices™ can also improve sleep quality. In addition, mitochondrial function will go up to efficiency. Having an organic acid test before and after having a Qi Device™ set up for 24 hours will show this.

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