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The Reliable and Retro Countertop Machine

This countertop unit is built for simplicity and reliability. With a simple push of a button or lever, the Echo Retro (previously called the NHM-130 Machine) dispenses fresh Antioxidant Water™, also called hydrogen-enriched water. Installation is simple, as it only needs to be connected to a water supply line.

This machine comes with dual filtration. The first is the Carbon Block Filter, which removes pesticides, chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, and other things you don’t want in your water. The second is the Hollow Fiber Filter, which removes any large sediments from getting in your water.

The Carbon Block Filter needs to be changed every six months.
The Hollow Fiber Filter needs to be changed once a year.

The Echo Retro is ideal for filling regular-sized glasses. If you often need to fill large containers or jugs, the Echo H2 Machine™ may be a better choice.

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