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“Our Focus Is and Has Always Been Hydrogen.”

The Echo 7 Machine™: The Echo 7 Machinewas the first Echo model and is named after the seven electrodes inside the electrolysis chamber. This machine makes alkaline, acid, and filtered water. The focus of this machine is the hydrogen gas dissolved into the alkaline water. It’s characterized by its teal/green internal filter and is the only machine to use that internal filter. There are still a few of these in circulation. This machine was the start of Echo’s legacy of reliability.

The Echo 9 Machine™: The next version is the Echo 9 Machine. The machine made the same three types of water, alkaline, acid, and filtered. It was named the 9 for the new number of electrodes in the electrolysis chamber. As with the Echo 7 Machine™, the Echo 9 Machine™ focuses on hydrogen dissolved in alkaline water. This machine was the first to use the standard white/cream colored internal filter.

The Echo 9 Ultra Machine™: The following model was the Echo 9 Ultra Machine. This unit was the first to have hydrogen water with a neutral pH. This machine made alkaline, acid, and hydrogen water. The hydrogen water mixed alkaline and acid water to neutralize the pH. Unfortunately, this machine required frequent cleaning, especially in regions with high TDS. While these machines are still in circulation, the Echo Ultimate is a better decision for anyone who wants hydrogen, alkaline, and acid water.

The Echo H2 Machine™: The Echo H2 Machine was the first machine to make true hydrogen water without any pH change. This unit was the first to use the proprietary Echo Hydrogen Module. This module allows the Echo H2 Machineto harvest hydrogen water without separating water into alkaline or acidic. This machine used the same white/cream internal filter, which lasts 1,000 gallons or 4,000 liters.

The Echo Ultimate™: The Echo Ultimate is the only home water machine in the world that is designed to have four different types of water. The Echo Ultimate makes hydrogen, alkaline, acid, and filtered water. Unlike the Echo 9 Ultra Machine™, the Echo Ultimate™ requires very little maintenance.

The Echo H2 Server™: The filterless Echo H2 Server is made to be used with a previously installed filtration system or reverse osmosis system. It dissolves hydrogen gas into the previously filtered water. 

The focus of Synergy Science™ is and has always been hydrogen. The evolution of our products has allowed us to dissolve hydrogen gas into water, no matter what the source.

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