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Hydrogen Water Now Portable

The Echo H2 Pitcher™ is reliable, portable, and convenient. The rechargeable battery and USB-C cable means that the Echo H2 Pitcher™ can be used while plugged in or on the go!

The Echo H2 Pitcher has two hydrogen settings: 10 minutes and 20 minutes. The 20-minute setting can generate up to two parts per million of hydrogen gas. For optimal results, use the Echo H2 Pitcher™ with filtered water, like distilled or RO water. The cleaning cycle should be used regularly to clean the electrodes. For complete cleaning instructions, see the user manual (see Echo H2 Pitcher product page). 

The Echo H2 Pitcher has a two-button control. To activate the hydrogen setting, press and hold the hydrogen button for about two seconds. Press the hydrogen button twice for the 10-minute cycle. For the cleaning setting, press and hold the cleaning button for four seconds.

The Echo H2 Pitcher is packed with two plastic electrode coverings. Those must be removed before use. They’re placed there to keep the electrodes moist. If for any reason the Echo H2 Pitcher has not been used for longer than four days, you should fill the pitcher with water and let the electrodes soak for 20 to 30 minutes before use.

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