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Great for Connecting to a Reverse Osmosis System

The Echo H2 Server™ is a great option for producing hydrogen water for those who already have home filtration or a reverse osmosis (RO) system. Because the Echo H2 Server™ is filterless, it requires very little maintenance. Its small size makes it perfect for fitting in even the smallest sink cupboards. In addition to sending Antioxidant Water™, also known as hydrogen-enriched water, to your faucet, the Echo H2 Server™ can send Antioxidant Water™ to your refrigerator if the source waterline to the refrigerator is under the sink and accessible.

The Echo H2 Server comes with an internal pump that pumps out 1.3 liters per minute. Because of the internal pump, those with an RO system will experience better water flow when connecting to an Echo H2 Server™ than to our other Echo Water® Machines.



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