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Top 12 Questions About Qi Devices ™

Is your Wi-Fi or cellphone causing you to experience headaches, sleep disturbances, or a lack of concentration? Discover just how Qi Devices™ work and how they can help protect you from harmful EMF radiation.
Electromagnetic radiation surrounds us. With our high-tech lifestyle, it is difficult to go just about anywhere without being exposed to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cellphones, Wi-Fi, and other sources. As a result, many are experiencing side effects of the radiation and are looking for ways to protect themselves.  Revolutionary Qi Devices™ are an easy and scientifically proven way to reduce the effects of EMF radiation. More and more people are discovering the power of Qi technology, but many still have questions about how the Qi Devices™ work and how to best use them.  To help you learn more about Waveguard Technology and what these Qi Devices™ can do for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 12 questions about Qi Devices™.

Qi Devices™ are designed to reduce radiation from devices such as cellphones and Wi-Fi.

The Qi Devices™ contain vials of a proprietary Qi Solution™ inside, placed in a particular geometric arrangement. By activating this solution, the Qi Devices™ create a protective area to help reduce EMF radiation. This protective area releases free electrons that settle like a layer on your skin and depolarize electromagnetic frequencies that you come in contact with. 

Qi Devices™ protect you from a variety of radiation sources, including Wi-Fi and cellphones. In short, these devices can protect you from anything that emits EMF radiation, such as cellphone towers, smart appliances, or anything with a Bluetooth signal.

The Qi Shield™, Qi Home Cell™, and Qi Max™ are optimized to protect you from 5G radiation. The Qi Me™ can protect you from up to 75% of 5G radiation.

There are a few different ways to know if your Qi Device™ is working. Many people may not feel a difference at first, but over time, you may notice an improvement in sleep, concentration, and overall health, especially if you experience EMF hypersensitivity. 

You can also schedule an appointment with your doctor to get an organic acid test that looks at the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. An increase in ATP means that there is also an increase in mitochondrial function, thus indicating that your Qi Device™ is working. If you choose to do an organic acid test, you will need to get this test done before you start using your device and again 30 days after you get your device. For those who don’t want to do the organic acid test, you can complete the Qi Questionnaire 1 before you start using your device and Qi Questionnaire 2 after a few weeks of using your device.

No. Qi Devices™ are designed to protect you from electromagnetic radiation. They will not interfere with reception, but protect from the radiation emitted from your electronic devices.

Touching the copper ring of your Qi Shield™, Qi Home Cell™, or Qi Max™ for up to two minutes can produce grounding benefits; however, you may or may not feel the difference. Some people report feeling an energy pulse when they touch the copper, but not feeling such a pulse does not indicate that your device is not working.

The Qi Me™ and Qi Shield™ devices start working immediately. The Qi Home Cell™ and Qi Max™ require 24 hours to establish a field of protection once they have been placed in your home or office.

Your Qi Devices™ do not need to be out in the open, although they are a beautiful and aesthetic addition to any decor. Your Qi Me™ or Qi Shield™ device should be as close to your person as possible, such as in a jacket pocket, in a backpack or bag, or in the car center console. 

The Qi Home Cell™ and Qi Max™ should be in a location that is central to the area of protection you want. You can place your Qi Home Cell™ or Qi Max™ on a shelf, coffee table, end table, or even in a cupboard if you don’t want it out in the open. Wherever you place your Qi Device™, make sure it is protected from being bumped, dropped, or damaged.

Yes! Qi Devices™ are safe for everyone: babies, children, adults, and even pets! In fact, using a Qi Device™ provides a safer environment for you and your family because it reduces the amount of EMFs to which you are exposed. Doing so can reduce any symptoms of hypersensitivity you may experience, including sleep disturbances and concentration issues.

The lifetime of Qi Devices™ varies between devices. The Qi Home Cell™ and Qi Max™ can last up to eight years at full efficiency. The Qi Me™ and Qi Shield™ can also last up to eight years, however, their product lifetime may be reduced to as little as five years when under constant strain from large EMF-emitting structures nearby, such as a 5G tower or a power plant. 

Once you reach the eight year mark, your Qi Device™ will continue to protect you from EMF radiation, but it will start to lose efficiency slowly over time.

No, your Qi Device™ will work at full capacity for eight years before it starts to lose efficiency. At that point, your device may continue to reduce EMF radiation, but not at full capacity.

Qi Devices™ require minimal maintenance. All you need to do is occasionally dust and wipe off the surface of your device with a damp cloth. Never use chemicals or cleaning products on your Qi Device™.

Qi Devices™ are scientifically proven to reduce EMF radiation and its effects.

The Takeaway

Our life is full of devices that emit EMF radiation, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from the effects. Qi Devices™ are the only EMF-reducing devices proven through double-blind studies to protect yourself and your family from harmful radiation and boost your overall quality of life. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Qi Device™ today! 

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