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The Kids Aren’t Alright — Here’s How to Help Them

Last Updated on: October 27, 2021

Reviewed By: Jessica Herzog, MD, FAAP, ABioM

small girl with messy hair putting on a biking helmet for safety

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Things seemed to be a little less complex. The world was within our grasp, and problems only extended as far as the cul-de-sac. In our current climate, the children of the world are now facing concerns beyond what we experienced. As they return to school and we resume business as usual, COVID-19 is hanging over everyone’s head as an itch we can’t scratch. We aren’t sure where to look for it or when it will appear. It’s a lingering feeling that now dominates our world. Looking forward, we need to plan for every circumstance and create resolutions with a reasonable framework.


As our children re-enter their own workspace, they face threats that they might not be able to comprehend or actively avoid. Thus, we need to prepare them in the best ways we know how. Immediately, we adorn our children with face masks in their favorite color and douse them with as much hand sanitizer as we can. But beyond this, what else can we really do? Flintstones gummies are only going to have their back for so long.

An easy solution that some parents are beginning to pick up on is hydrogen water machines.

You may have heard this referred to as a water ionizer machine on the news. The whole premise of this product is to give your water a little extra “kick.” This boost improves the immune system, cognitive function, and gut function, just to name a few benefits. Essentially, simply by drinking water, this shield can be carried with your children wherever they go.


Normally, getting kids to have these benefits means putting vegetables on their plate or imitating plane noises as we introduce broccoli to them. You probably know that this is often less than successful from experience. What kid wants to eat something that isn’t loaded with sugar or cheese? Taking the easy route by utilizing hydrogen water doesn’t mean we’re diminishing an aspect of our child’s health. Rather, it’s a simple solution created with modern technology.

A hydrogen water machine can provide your child with all the benefits they need to be all-stars in the classroom. (Hydrogen water machines should not be confused with structured water devices, which do not provide benefits, as structured water is regularly produced in the body without aid.) We have found hydrogen water to be the easiest medium to provide our loved ones with the benefits they deserve. Even for the fussiest of kids, flavoring water and providing it for them lifts the weight of concern off our shoulders, inadvertently allowing them to live carefree.

little girl with backpack on and arms folded and a face mask standing between two busses

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