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EMF Radiation: Protection With Qi Devices™

“EMF” is an acronym that means “electromagnetic field.” It refers to the electromagnetic waves generated by everything from power lines, LED lights, televisions, and phones to microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, and computers. These and other electronic devices emit waves of energy in electromagnetic fields that, though not seen, interact with people’s bodies. While exposure to EMFs

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Ionizing vs. Non-Ionizing Radiation

When questions about EMFs like this are Googled the answers from the search results are contradictory. Some sources will say that EMFs are harmful and cause cancers, while others will say EMFs are safe in small amounts. Still, other sources will say it’s all about ionizing or non-ionizing radiation.

Workplace EMF Radiation & What to Do About It

What electronics at the workplace emit EMFs? What can you do to stay safe? EMF radiation has been linked to headaches, discomfort, sleep loss, and other symptoms, so check out our tips for reducing exposure and how a Qi Device can provide peace of mind with complete EMF shielding.

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