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The appeal of becoming healthier by drinking enhanced water has made many waves in the community over the last couple of decades. With so many fads coming and going, how do you know what is best for your health? Our whole goal is to improve your health. At Synergy Science, we develop our products with scientific research and evidence in mind. Based on that commitment to your health and backed by evidence, we have developed a water machine that infuses your water with hydrogen to give your health the advantage you deserve.

The standards
Synergy Science

Echo water is brought to you by Synergy Science. The core goal of Synergy Science is to help you live a healthier and happier life.

Synergy Science shows this commitment by working closely with doctors and researchers to gain clinical experience while developing your health products.

Other Water Ionizers

Other companies seem to have motives attached to money, putting your health in second place.

Other companies pat themselves on the back by gaining blue-ribbon rewards that look fancy on their websites but amount to the reward of a participation trophy.

The Water
hydrogen water

Echo Machines add hydrogen directly into your water after it has been filtered.

We know that the true health benefits of hydrogen water come from hydrated cells in the body and improved gut health on a cellular level, not just a simple pH change.

Not only does hydrogen water hydrate the body, it creates an optimum environment for your immune system to flourish.

pH fluctuation water

Alkaline and acidic water are aimed at “balancing the pH  of your body.”

There insufficient evidence to show that alkaline or acid water have any benefits for the human body.

Your body’s pH level balances naturally when your lungs receive clean air and kidneys are well hydrated.

The science

Hydrogen water and its effect have been backed by over:

  • 12 years of research
  • 700 studies
  • 300 scientific articles
These studies reinforce the health benefits of hydrogen water, namely: improved cognitive function, relief of oxidative stress, and increased immune system functionality. 

pH water has been a controversial topic since the 80s and viable conclusions on the water have just about dried up.

Some have claimed that an alkaline-focused diet can improve health, increase stamina, and reduce cancer. However, in 2017, the British Dietetic Association called pH-based diets “nonsense.” This same sentiment has been echoed by the Canadian Cancer Society and  Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The machine
Echo H2 machine

Echo hydrogen water systems have a self-purging apparatus. This helps to maintain the integrity of the machine for longer amounts of time before needing to be cleaned.

The cleaning process is simple and can be done in as little as two hours start to finish, all by swapping in a cleaning filter.

Other Ionizers

Other companies’ machines don’t purge themselves as well, if at all. This causes water to become less filtered and less efficient after about two weeks of use.

Many other companies don’t even offer cleaning kits, which means you have to send in your machine and wait for them to send it back to you!

customer experience
Start to finish care

Synergy Science is there to support you and your health from start to finish. We offer:

  • Free online product manuals
  • Free outbound shipping
  • 30-day money-back returns
  • Installation reimbursement

On top of that, Customer Experience is always available to answer your questions and concerns.

incomplete care

Other companies may offer some of the things that Synergy Science offers but not the complete package. Here are some of the things you can expect from the other guys:

  • Offers replacement manuals for a fee
  • Expensive shipping
  • Registered warranties
  • No installation support
the choice is clear
synergy science - Echo h2 water
  • We believe in helping you live a healthier life.
  • We back that belief with 12 years of scientific research, 700 studies, and 300 articles.
  • Our machine takes care of itself so that it can take care of you.
  • We offer you our genuine support with supplies and services that will help you improve and maintain your health as easily as possible.
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