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SSU FOR Professionals

Synergy Science™ University (SSU) is a unique learning community. Here, you will find videos and articles about Synergy Science™, Echo Water™ Machines, and Qi De-vices™. SSU is broken up into modules. As you complete one module, you unlock another. This is a continuous learning program designed to help you become a better affiliate. SSU will be a great training tool for you. Learning through SSU can be done at your own pace and will help you to become an expert in all things Synergy Science™. Completing SSU will not only make you an expert affiliate, it will also help you move from Synergy Science™ Promoter to Synergy Science™ Professional, increasing the amount you can make on each sale.
To sign in to SSU, use the login information that was sent to you when you signed up to be a Synergy Science™ Professional. If you need any additional information to log in, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Support Team.


We encourage all of our customers to use the videos in Synergy Science™ University to better understand the Synergy Science™ products and the corresponding studies. As a company, we let our products speak for themselves. Utilizing SSU as a customer will help you to better understand how and why our products are number one in the market.
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