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Cleaning Kit for the Echo 7 and 9


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The Cleaning Kit for Echo 7 and Echo 9 is used to clear up any hard water build-up in the water lines of an Echo Water Machine. In areas of high total deposited solids (TDS) or hard water, build up can occur within the water lines of the machine, which causes a decrease in water pressure, and if not cleaned, leads to leaks. The Cleaning Kit of Echo 7 and Echo 9 is industrial vinegar which removes the hard water build-up. 

Our Echo Waer Machines have special patented technology that allows the electrolysis chamber and hydrogen modules to remain and operate scale-free, however other tubing and parts inside of the machine may not remain scale-free requiring yearly to bi-yearly cleaning. 

We recommend our Cleaning Cartridge for Echo 7, 9, 9 Ultra, and H2 as it is simpler to use and contains a stronger, more efficient cleaning agent.


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