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Echo 7™ Cleaning Cartridge


Remove any unwanted particles, buildup, and taste from your Echo 7 Machineusing the Echo 7 Cleaning Cartridge that releases citric acid throughout your machine.

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The Cleaning Cartridge for the Echo 7 Machine™ is a small, one-time use cartridge. Approximately the same size as a Replacement Filter for the Echo 7 Machine™ and designed to fit in the same filter housing, the Cleaning Cartridge for the Echo 7 Machine™ releases citric acid throughout the machine to remove:

  • Unwanted particles
  • Taste
  • Buildup

If your machine has suffered from reduced water flow, this will generally solve your problem. We recommend that you clean your Echo Water™ Machine at least every time you replace the filter.

By keeping your Echo Water™ Machine clean, you can ensure you and your family are drinking healthy water that will support gut function, reduce inflammation, and reduce oxidative stress so that you can live your healthiest, happiest life.


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