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Echo H2 Faucet™ – Chrome


When paired with the under-counter Echo H2 Machine, the Echo H2 kitchen sink drinking water faucet dispenses crisp Antioxidant Water™ into your home.

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The Echo H2 Faucet™ is a minimalistic designed kitchen sink drinking water faucet that is REQUIRED for the under-counter Echo H2 Machine™. With a simple turn of the handle, the Echo H2 Faucet™ dispenses clean, crisp, Antioxidant Water™ in the comfort of your home. It is a secondary faucet which is typically installed in the corner of the sink.

Free basic installation is included in the U.S. when purchased with the under-counter Echo H2 Machine™. This free basic installation includes connecting the machine source water line to the existing water tap faucet or cold water valve under the sink and plugging in the electrical cord. An electric outlet must be available prior to the installation and must have a constant power flow. It will be up to you to already have the ¹⁵⁄₁₆-inch to 1-inch diameter hole to fit the faucet in the counter or sink. The drilling of this hole is not included in the basic installation.


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