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Echo H2 Faucet – Brushed Nickel


The Echo H2 Faucet is specifically made and required for an under sink Echo H2 Machine.

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The Echo H2 Faucet is a minimalistic designed manual faucet that is REQUIRED for the Undercounter Echo H2 Machine. With a simple turn of the handle, the Echo H2 Faucet dispenses clean, crisp, hydrogen water in the comfort of your own home.  It is a secondary faucet which is typically installed in the corner of the sink, and comes in four finishes: 


Basic installation is included in the US when purchased with the Undercounter Echo H2 Machine.

Basic Installation includes:

  • Connecting the machine to the source water line and to the new Echo faucet.
  • Plugging in electrical cord to an existing electrical outlet. An electrical outlet must be available prior to the install and have a constant power flow.

*You will need a 15/16th-inch to 1-inch diameter hole to fit the faucet in the counter/sink. The drilling of this hole is not included in the basic installation.


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