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Qi Shield™ EMF Protection

(13 customer reviews)


The ideal travel partner, the Qi Shield protects a bedroom-size area against EMFs and 5G.

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The ultimate personal EMF protection device! Our Waveguard Technology is the only EMF protection technology that has been proven through double-blind studies to completely protect you from EMF radiation.

The Qi Shield creates a protective area with a radius of 8 feet (16 X 16 feet). This small, portable device is roughly the size of a Bluetooth speaker and is designed to protect bedrooms, offices, small apartments, and vehicles, and can be taken on an airplane. You can have peace of mind knowing you are being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs while on the go!

There are two types of radiation: Ionizing and non-ionizing. Some of this radiation is harmless and some of it is harmful. The Qi Shield works to depolarize radiation and to protect you against harmful radiation caused by 5G, cellphones, and Wi-Fi by generating a field of protection that can help you sleep better, have more energy, and combat the harmful effects of EMFs, including anxiety, dulled concentration, and tingling skin.

The Qi Shield functions on natural laws and does not require any power to be “on.” This is because it generates its own electricity and maintains the field of protection around you whether you are sleeping with it in your room at night or if you are on the go rushing around a busy airport.

Trial Period: 30-day trial period from shipment date
Product Lifetime: The Qi Shield™ was designed to work at full-efficiency for up to 8 years.* The Qi Solution™ in your device is activated prior to shipping. This means that the lifespan of your Qi Device™ begins approximately 4 weeks prior to you receiving it.
Shipping: FREE Standard Shipping
Warranty: 2 years on technology

Have more questions?
Call us at 1 (800) 337-7017 or email us at

*Although the Qi Shield™ is designed to reduce harmful EMF radiation from all current EMF emitters, its full-efficiency lifespan may be reduced to as little as 5 years when under constant strain from a large EMF-emitting structure nearby, such as a 5G tower or power plant.

Weight 1.85 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 7 in

13 reviews for Qi Shield™ EMF Protection

  1. Justine Sini

    Very good product thanks !

  2. Chrisivers95 (verified owner)

    Thanks for creating such an amazing technology! My energy has doubled since I got this one week ago. I’m very greatful to all of you

  3. Anna (verified owner)

    love it! i feel better already, after a few days of having it

  4. Chris

    Incredible! We know someone who has this and it has truly transformed their EMF-ridden apartment, formerlly very energy-draining, into a much less toxic area – the effects have definitely been noticeable. Thank you for making devices like this, we hope to incorporate your inventions into our lives soon as well!

  5. Santiago Bernini (verified owner)

    I think it’s a good product to me. I haven’t noticed anything special since I have it (1 week). But still, I believe in it and that it is beneficial to me.
    I would like maybe a portable and comfortable device. Maybe a bracelet or something like that. I would be delighted to purchase it.
    In short, a very positive experience.

  6. Elizabeth Ruckwied

    Has provided me with more peace of mind for myself and my animals, and I noticed I am functioning better on a daily basis.

  7. Brad Olsen (verified owner)

    I feel less anxiety and headaches only a day after this product arrived! I bought it because there is 5G near me, and a WiFi router in the room where I sleep. My sleep cycles are more regular and sound now. Great product!

  8. Jordan

    My digestive function improved within twenty four hours of putting the Qi Shield by my head while I sleep. I moved it to my work area and It increased my concentration during the day. Unlike others, I did not notice any improvement in my sleep.

    Previous to this, I purchased harmonizers, structured water devices and EMF protective clothing. They were more affordable individually, easy to save up for and did have some impact. Together, they cost a bit more than the Qi Shield and had much less of an impact on my life.

  9. Norma Bowlin

    I opened my box yesterday when I picked up my package and could immediately feel some slight tingling in my hands. I placed it on the coffee table and sat down to watch a show. Within 2 hours I could feel the stress/anxiety leaving my body. I have been unable to sleep with any electronics plugged in for years, but decided to leave the Wi-fi router on as well as the printer in my bedroom and I actually got 8 hours of sleep. This is a first for me in over 5 years now. I love this already and will be getting the larger one for my home.

  10. Janeck Olczyk (verified owner)

    I recently bought the qi shield to try it and i’m honestly impressed!
    Everyhting feels better living in the city now, a lot more like when i go to the countryside!
    My focus and presence are increased, my sleep is better,
    my mind is more relaxed!
    And as an osteopath, my presence and attention is increased in my treatments. And i’m sure my clients feel it as well!
    You can read my full review of the Qi technology on my website here at

  11. Lubar (verified owner)

    My wife is electro-hyper-sensitive (EHS). In her view, it all comes down to either feeling pain or pain-free – everything else is irrelevant to her.
    She is quick in identifying devices that are either helpful or useless. In her opinion, none works 100%, but a handful works just to some degree depending on each person’s uniqueness and many other factors.
    I bought the Qi Shield for her. As soon as I received it, she set down with the device next to her in the most frequency polluted space in the apartment and waited. Normally, she would have to cover herself with a shielding fabric when in that space to avoid pain, but for the purpose of testing the Qi Shield, she did not have any other EMF protection. Within minutes she felt very slight tingling running though her hands and feet. This is not unusual, as she sometimes feels sort of “electrical conductivity”, which normally would be followed by discomfort and pain. However this time, she didn’t feel pain and instead she became so relaxed that she fell asleep for a brief moment. She described the experience as feeling similar to when she is on the beach. In summary, she said that the device works and she did not want to return it. She later added that, although effective, Qi Shield was not powerful enough to help her sensitivity entirely (only to some degree) as the EMF environment changes frequently in the apartment building we live. She is now interested in Qi Home.

  12. Kris

    This is an amazing tool for health. I love knowing that I am now protected from EMFs! While I sleep well, in the past I would get up every 2 hours b/c I drink a lot of water during the day. With the Qi Shield in my bedroom at night I am sleeping 4-6 hours straight. Amazing!

  13. Leonard

    Since the effectiveness of the qi shield is so subjective, I always wonder if I am just getting the “Placebo Effect”, I can only depend on the honesty of the manufacturer. I have had it for 10 days or so, but am still waiting to see some difference.

    • Paige White-Stahle

      Thank you for your question, we are happy to help! There are a few different ways to gauge your bodies response to the protection that the Qi Devices provide against EMFs. However, the most important indicator will come from how you felt before and how you feel after. If you have previously suffered from EMF Exposure Symptoms, you should notice those symptoms starting to lessen or get better as time goes on with your Qi Device. Please contact Customer Support for more ways to gain the most use out of your device! And even if you don’t feel a drastic difference, you can rest assured you ARE being protected from harmful EMFs!

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