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Echo H2 Server™


The Echo H2 Server is a filterless hydrogen water generator that perfectly partners with your home water system and reverse osmosis systems.

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Meet the newest in under-sink Echo Technology™, the Echo H2 Server™. The Echo H2 Server™ is everything you love about an Echo, now designed to fit in even the smallest cupboard. This filterless unit is great for connecting to reverse osmosis or other whole-house filtration systems. *Pre-filtration is required. The Echo H2 Server™ comes with the proprietary Echo hydrogen module, making the best hydrogen water without changing pH, all pumped out at 1.3 liters per minute. The Echo H2 Server™ produces water with 0.8 to 1.2 ppm of hydrogen. It is difficult to test hydrogen concentration with anything other than gas chromatography equipment. However, Synergy Science™ offers H2 Blue Reagent: a quick, cost-effective method of testing the parts per million of hydrogen gas in water.

Why Hydrogen Water? 

Proven in over 700 scientific studies, molecular hydrogen reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, the leading causes of disease. It increases cognitive function and boosts metabolism, energy, and athletic performance. Hydrogen water also improves immune functions and repairs gut damage. 

As an under-the-sink unit, the Echo H2 Server™ must connect to a faucet. It can be either an Echo Server Faucet™ or a pre-existing reverse osmosis faucet. 

*You will need a hole to fit the faucet in. The drilling of this hole is not included in the basic installation. (Old soap dispenser or pull out hose holes usually work.)

Basic installation reimbursement of $150.00 is included in the US with every Echo H2 Server™.

Basic installation includes:

  • Connecting the machine source waterline to the existing faucet or cold water valve under the sink
  • Plugging in electrical cord to an existing electrical outlet. An electrical outlet must be available prior to the installation and have constant power.

The Echo H2 Server™ is backed by the Echo 5-year defects warranty, which covers parts, labor, and return shipping.

Trial period: 30-day trial period from shipment date.

Indtroduction and Installation videos
Weight 5.65 lbs
Dimensions 9.125 × 3.4375 × 9.625 in

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