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Echo Ultimate™

Install Under Counter or on Countertop

Echo Ultimate™
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The Echo Ultimate™ offers four different types of water: hydrogen, alkaline, filtered, and acid water. The 7-inch color touch screen allows you to choose between 10 different language options to customize the machine just for you.

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The Echo Ultimate™ is the only machine in the world that can make four different types of water: filtered, hydrogen, alkaline, and acid water.

Pick the water that works best for you:

  1. Filtered water: Designed to be used when you do not need hydrogen water nor a pH change but still want contaminant-free water. This can be used for cooking or other purposes.
  2. Hydrogen water: This water has no pH change and has been shown to improve gut health, reduce inflammation, and lower oxidative stress.
  3. Alkaline water: You can choose between four different pH levels, depending on the intended use for the alkaline water. This water can be used for cleaning vegetables or counters. The higher the pH, the better the cleaning properties. However, you should never drink alkaline water beyond a level 2.
  4. Acid water: As a disinfectant, acid water eliminates bacteria and viruses from surfaces. It also helps with skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. The acid water also helps get rid of tonsil stones, gingivitis, and other mouth bacteria. It has also been proven to kill the bacteria associated with pink eye and even helps plants grow by lowering soil pH.

The Echo Ultimate™:

  • Requires minimal machine maintenance
  • Enables you to clean your kitchen while keeping it chemical free
  • Has a stainless-steel design
  • Has a 7-inch color touch screen
  • Allows you to pick between 10 different language options
  • Adapts display icons depending on the language you select

The Echo Ultimate™ produces water with 0.8 to 1.2 ppm of hydrogen. It is difficult to test hydrogen concentration with anything other than gas chromatography equipment. However, Synergy Science™ offers H2 Blue Reagent: a quick, cost-effective method of testing the parts per million of hydrogen gas in water.

Additionally, the Echo Ultimate™ can be installed either above or under the sink, according to your preference. Contact us at 1 (800) 337-7017 to learn more. Basic installation reimbursement of $150.00 is included in the US with every Echo Ultimate purchase.

Trial period: 30-day trial period from shipment date.

The Echo Ultimate™ is covered by a 5-year warranty.U

Filter Studies

These filter test results show the composition and effectiveness of the main internal filters that are used in our Echo Product Line. 

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 4 in

1 review for Echo Ultimate™

  1. Dillion T (verified owner)

    I love this machine! We enjoy Hydrogen water daily, but that was just the tip of the iceberg with this puppy. The Echo Ultimate can produce hypochlorous acid, or what the people at the Sheraton hotel in Santa Monica Ca. call miracle water. I am now COMPLETELY green in my home and business thanks to you guys.

    Thank you Synergy Science (Mr. Paul B and your team) for maintaining that continues drive uncovering countless methods to enhance our health out here. So needed right now.

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