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Kathy J.

I purchased my Echo 9 system as a somewhat weary skeptic in Sept of 2016. Hydrogen Enriched Water… Really? How much better could it be? But, because I believe staying as natural as possible is a much better way to live and knew I wasn’t happy my current water, I decided to give it a try.While I can’t tell you what has happened to me will be the same for you… I can give you a bit of my personal story. First: The taste is incredible, it tastes like water should taste and you will find yourself craving it. It’s clean, smooth and incredibly refreshing! Second: and even more important to me, the water supported my body in reducing my migraines which I have endured since I was young. I am happy to say that since I started drinking from this System, I don’t get them as much as I used to. This Echo System has genuinely been a win-win for my wellness.

Shelley W.

I am so glad to have such an awesome solution for one of the most important things we NEED. Water is not a luxury but a necessity.The benefits of this hydrogen enriched water never ceases to amaze me. I keep getting testimony after testimony from family, friends and clients who I have introduced this to, and are gaining remarkable results! Thank you Paul and the Echo family for helping me make such a remarkable and lasting impact on my health and of those I love, care for and service.

Julie P.

As a wellness educator and coach for nearly 2 decades, I have never endorsed a single water technology until I found the Echo water machine from Synergy Science. Echo exceeds my expectations and solves the biggest and most important gap in wellness of my career – excellent hydration. I have totally loved my Echo® water machine for nearly 3 years. Recently I added and love the new Echo® Undersink Hydrogen Machine. I get purified, molecular hydrogen water with a NEUTRAL pH (similar to natural rain water) at the special faucet at my sink, plus it feeds my cold water system in my refrigerator as well as the ice cube maker. Now when I use cold water for my healthy shakes and my spouse drinks cold water, the hydrogen has not had time to escape. It’s nice that there is a separate Echo Hydrogen Water Server for those who use reverse osmosis, too. Thank you, Synergy Science for another great innovation – you’re the best!


Dr. Daryl Gioffre

Hydration is one of the most critical components to our health, and the quality of the water you drink is crucial. That is why I recommend Synergy Science's Echo H2 Water to every single patient that I have. As a wellness and longevity consultant and doctor, I am always trying to find the most efficient and cutting-edge technologies to help my clients detox, energize, and live their healthiest.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe Doc of Detox

You will not find a better system in terms of performance, reliability, quality and support… period! Get feeling your-best by drinking the-best, ever.The benefits of this hydrogen enriched water never ceases to amaze me. I keep getting testimony after testimony from family, friends and clients who I have introduced this to, and are gaining remarkable results! Thank you Paul and the Echo family for helping me make such a remarkable and lasting impact on my health and of those I love, care for and service.

Dr. Anthony Usera

As a health care provider, I help people with all kinds of concerns to restore balance and harmony in their lives. Since I started recommending Synergy Science's H2 Tablets and The Echo 9 Ultra H2 water machine, many people have shared nearly miraculous improvements such as an end to allergies, improved pain levels, and an end to chronic bladder infections*.After giving hydrogen to my most challenging patients, I am a true believer.


Tina Mattis

Tina is a first place winning competition bodybuilder who decided at age 49 to start competing. Tina was winning competion after competion, "Competing was going great until May of 2015, I suffered a compression fracture in my back as a result of a boating accident. I was devastated. I could hardly walk let alone lift weights.""In July of 2015, I met someone who introduced me to Echo water. I started being more diligent about the Echo water. I will never forget, one day I was working in my backyard and I noticed my joints were feeling so much better, I had more energy and my head became clearer… it was the water! What they told me was true! At age 53, I stepped on stage in June 2017 and I was ah-mazed at how I looked and felt. I know for a fact that Echo water was a factor in improving my performance and results.

Cheri Liberato

As a Clinical Nutritionist my primary job is to educate my clients on nutrients and food, but hydration is critical and largely missed. We can live without food for some time, but not water... and the better we are hydrated then the more optimal everything functions. In my 8 years as a nutritionist I have focused on detoxification programs (it's also what I wrote my masters thesis on). My programs are designed to help reduce toxic/chemical exposure and facilitate reduction of inflammation, free radicals while maximizing the removal of all these from the body. We do this with specific foods and nutrients, but ample clean water is a big component of the program.I have been using different ionizers for years, but was extremely excited when introduced to Synergy Science and Echo Water. The filtration is impeccable so I can trust my family, myself and my clients are not adding to our toxic load from the water we are drinking. I also spent a lot of time researching the benefits of hydrogen as a means to reduce free radicals in the body. This fit perfectly with my detoxification programs and for myself as an athlete and my fitness clients to aid in recovery.It has been a pleasure to work with Paul directly as well. Synergy Science not only makes superior health products, but has integrity and core values in line with my own, which are helping people feel their best and maximizing our incredible inherent healing capabilities.

David and Carey Martin - Ultramarathon Runners

Highest earners in Beachbody LLC, "We were introduced to the water by our trainer and at the time we were training for the Los Angeles Marathon. Our journey started with the water and is something that is amazing because at 48 years old you think that maybe I've reached my peak and I'm seeing more and more athletes well into their forties and I'll bet you that if you start talking to them, they've gotten into the science of their body. They are learning that they have to put the right stuff in. I think that the overwhelming take away of this whole thing, for me, was if you are going to want to go to the next level in your life, you have to put the very best fuel in your life.

Please take a moment to let us know how you would rate your experience with Synergy Science and Echo Hydrogen Enriched Water. Your feedback is valuable to us and to other customers as well.

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Echo H2a brushed metal echo 9 ultra box with a dial and illuminated symbols and a spout hanging off the right side.

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