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What Are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields emanate from all your electric devices. While some individuals are more sensitive to it, this radiation affects us all.

Health Concerns Associated With EMFs

While only a small percentage of people are sensitive to these frequencies, growing research indicates the uniform dangers of EMF exposure.



Do you find yourself struggling to focus and refocus while using electronic devices? Electronic devices emit EMFs that have been proven to decrease and dull concentration. If you feel these effects, you may be feeling the effects of EMFs.



Do you get headaches from lights, excessive screen time, or being close to a Wi-Fi router? One of the most recognizable symptoms of EMF sensitivity is a throbbing headache. If this sounds like you, you may be feeling the effects of EMFs.


Fatigue & Low Energy

Do you feel like you are running on empty throughout the day? Exposure to EMFs often decreases energy and causes fatigue, making your day harder. If you are constantly tired and have little energy, EMFs may be affecting you.


Sleep Disturbances

Are you a restless sleeper? Do you struggle to fall asleep and wake up? Sleep disturbances are a common symptom of EMF sensitivity. Improved sleep is one of the most recognizable health improvements when a Qi Device™ is present.

How Qi Devices™ Protect You

It is important for us to know why we need protection from EMFs and 5G. These are
only a few of the symptoms that can result, when we protect ourselves from EMF.

Area of

Qi Devices™ create protective areas that depolarize and reduce EMF exposure, making it biologically safe.

How do I get one?

View our line up of EMF protection devices.

Qi Shield™ EMF Protection

Qi Home Cell™ EMF Protection

Qi Max™ EMF Protection

Qi Me™ EMF Protection

Qi Max™ EMF Protection – Rustic

BOGO Qi Home Cell™ EMF Blocker – Pine

Qi Shield™ – Copper

Qi Max™ EMF Protection – Beech

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