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Our Qi Devices™ have been tested by four institutes to prove their effectiveness in reducing the effects of EMFs. There are many more studies to come. Take a look around and feel free to reach out to us with more questions.


About bion

Qi Shield™ Protects People From Wi-Fi Radiation

Publish Date: 9 August 2019

This human study shows that the participants with the Qi Shield™ had lower physical distress than those who had the placebo.

Qi Shield™ Protects People From Wi-Fi Radiation

Publish Date: 9 August 2019

Condensed official summary of the study above. Human study showing a lower physical distress than those with a placebo.

About Bion
BION, Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology is a private research institution founded in 1990. It was registered as a research institution at the Ministry of education, science and technology. It is devoted to fundamental in applicable re-search in the field of bioelectromagnetics and in the field of water science. The Institute has been developing and executes standardized tests of various devices and therapists regarding their real capability to influence physiology of human organ-isms and vibrational state of water. The Institute has also its educational program that is focused on complementary healing. Besides, it enabled many diplomas, successful master theses and doctorates. The scientific staff continually grows in knowl-edge and experience and presents the new findings at international congresses as well as in scientific publications. In the past 16 years the Institute staff also developed many practical applications of the research.


Qi Home Cell™: FCC

Publish Date: 05 December 2019

Measuring the protective area produced by the Qi Home Cell™.

TUV Report Qi Shield™ Attenuation

Publish Date: 04 December 2019

This study tests the ability of the Qi Shield™ to reduce EMF exposure when located near an EMF emitter.

Qi Home Cell™: Off Axis

Publish Date: 05 December 2019

This study shows that the Qi Home Cell™ significantly reduces EMF exposure when near EMF signals.

Qi Home Cell™: On Axis

Publish Date: 05 December 2019

This study shows a decrease in EMF exposure when a Qi Home Cell™ is placed directly in line with a radio wave.

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