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Protect Against What You Can’t See

Last Updated on: December 16, 2021

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There are dangerous signals all around us that are created from wireless devices. 3G, 4G, and 5G have improved our connection to the world, but we need to know what we can do to protect our families from dangers that we can’t see.

The Evolution of Hazards

Everything built into our DNA, over thousands of years, has conditioned us to respond to the threats around us. As our history has evolved, so have the threats. They are ever lurking, ever present, and adapting to the world just as we are. Over time, we have come to identify these threats and have changed our instincts from immediate survival to health improvement. Our dangers have changed from basic survival to avoiding fatty foods. There is no great war or challenge, but rather a daily battle for self-improvement. With this, the threats are becoming easier to identify and pivot away from. However, what happens when modern science has not adapted to these threats? What happens when the hazard can’t be identified? Such a threat as this is EMF radiation.

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What Are the Limits?

Learning how to protect yourself from EMFs, as well as understanding what they are, has been becoming more and more important in the last decade. This just adds to the rest of the concerns the world is currently facing, but EMFs need to be talked about more than the current dialogue allows for. In its simplest sense, EMFs (Electromagnetic Forces), are the background radiation emitted from things such as the technology around you and even the sun. Normally, they are quite harmless. However, as our technological needs have progressed, so has the level of danger presented from EMFs. We do understand that “… above certain levels, these fields can be harmful to health and affect the human body in different ways, depending on their frequency. Therefore, countries have set standards to limit exposure to electromagnetic fields, either for specific frequencies and applications or over the whole electromagnetic field spectrum.” (1). As it stands currently, the scientific community has also acknowledged that the majority of people are subjected to a low level of EMFs that are harmless. What they have not been able to understand is what is an acceptable level of EMF exposure. We know that with EMF exposure, there is a level of concern that should be avoided at all costs. Similar positions have been taken on nuclear radiation and have been addressed after the public health was affected. What we need to do is be proactive and understand what’s at stake before negative consequences appear within our communities. Regardless of your position on this topic, we need to be responsible and entertain every possibility not yet made known to us.

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How to Protect Yourself

We’re sure you’re wondering how to protect yourself from EMFs or at least how to block EMFs currently in your environment. To answer your question, there are actually some really easy and straightforward ways to protect yourself. The cheapest and also the most simple option is to unplug from the devices around you that emit EMFs. This might mean spending some downtime from your smart devices or physically unplugging and powering off devices in your home. Another option to consider would be to purchase an EMF-protection device. However, be careful when considering this. Many companies claim to be helpful without any research or merit behind their products. Be informed about your options and consider what is right for you and your family. As far as Synergy Science is concerned, we have not seen a competitor in the marketplace that scientifically backs their products like we do. Don’t believe us? Do some research on your end; we’ll still be here. (2)

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The Choice Is Yours

Regardless of your choice or lack thereof, educate yourself on this topic. From there, what you do is up to you. We all have the freedom to choose what dangers are acceptable and which require a second glance. So, take the time to figure out what’s right for you. Go with your gut and hopefully, we’ll all end up happier and healthier on the other side.

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