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Our products help individuals more fully enjoy their life and live up to their full potential — everyone deserves that. We started the Synergy Science Professional Program™ to reach and help more people. We found that people naturally want to share their health solutions and support a good cause. That’s the purpose of this program. You can promote your favorite Synergy Science™ products and make money, too!

+ Make a difference

People are always trying to improve their health. You can be the answer.

+ Make some money

We offer above-average commission percentages with very high potential revene

+ it's easy

With our training program (Synergy Science™ University) and resource library, we give you everything you need to learn and inform others about Synergy Science™.

How the

Program works

Our Affiliate Program allows anyone to promote and sell Synergy Science™ products.

  • When you sign up you get a unique website link.
  • Using that website link you can promote and sell any Synergy Science Product.
  • All you have to do is promote and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • You can get up to a 20% commission for any sales that come through your link
  • If you sign someone else up to be an affiliate, you can get a commission percentage of their sales, too


Whether you are seeking to help others or are looking for a little extra money, the Synergy Science Professional Program gives you both — and the assurance that you’re promoting the best products around. 



Easy! Click the button below and fill out the form. After that, we’ll do the rest. You can expect to receive an email with your account information and hear from your account manager shortly. Your account manager will be there to answer your questions and help you along every step of your affiliate journey

Get an

All-Inclusive Trip to Cancun

Starting from August 1st, 2021 to January 15th, 2023, Synergy Science™ professionals who sell a total of $80,000, will be eligible to receive a 7-day all-inclusive vacation at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun Mexico! To learn more click here.

The Resource Library will be the ultimate destination for all things Cancun 2022! We’ll be hosting a new leader board on the front page of the Resource Library where you will be able to check your stats and watch as you and others work to achieve the vacation of a lifetime. The leaderboard will be updated automatically and will display the top earners for the Cancun 2022 trip.

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If you have questions about the Synergy Science Professional Program™ or need help signing up, please feel free to reach out to our Account Management Team at 800-337-7017 Option 2 and Email:

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