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Release toxins with this portable Synergy Sauna™ made from natural bamboo with ultra low EMFs and a built-in ozone generator for internal sanitation.

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When it comes to living a healthy life, most of us know the basics: eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and reduce stress. But one thing we may not think about enough is flushing out all of the toxins that our bodies absorb on a daily basis. While we may not be able to see these toxins or recognize their immediate effects, they can wreak havoc on our health.

Toxins enter our bodies in so many ways: pesticides sprayed on your foods, chemicals in your cookware, heavy metals in your fish, aluminum in your deodorant, exhaust and pollution in the air you breathe — the list goes on. But getting rid of these toxins can end up being a more expensive and frustrating endeavor than you anticipate. Juice cleanses and fasting leave you craving more. Dry skin brushing or foot soaks may feel great, but it can be difficult to determine just how effective they are.

A Better Way to Detox

It’s time to stop spending time and money on products that either don’t work or only give you temporary benefits. If you are looking to rid your body of the toxins inside and live a healthier life, you need infrared sauna therapy. Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on regular spa visits? The Synergy Sauna™ is a portable, in-home infrared sauna that makes it easy for you to enjoy the detoxifying benefits of the sauna without emptying your wallet.

Infrared saunas use long wavelengths of light to heat your body. Because your body can easily absorb these wavelengths, your core temperature can increase more quickly than it can in other types of saunas, and it can do so without needing the sauna to reach uncomfortable temperatures. The Synergy Sauna™ also uses full-spectrum infrared light, which means that it emits near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths. All three types of infrared light that the Synergy Sauna™ emits penetrate deeper into the body and allow you to enjoy the full benefits of infrared therapy.

Providing Everyday Health Benefits

Because it’s a portable infrared sauna, you can set up the Synergy Sauna™ right in your home whenever you want a therapeutic, detoxifying sauna treatment. In as little as 10-15 minutes, you can sweat as much as you would during a 30-minute jog, all while ridding your body of harmful toxins, decreasing muscle and joint stiffness, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, increasing blood flow, supporting natural wound healing, improving your complexion, and so much more. In short, the Synergy Sauna™ can be the at-home solution to so many of your health concerns.

If you’re ready to take your health to the next level, then you’re ready for the Synergy Sauna™! This portable, affordable, in-home sauna is perfect for giving your body the support it needs to live healthy every day.

man carrying the portable synergy sauna


Enjoy detoxification anywhere you go with the Synergy Sauna™! Not only is the Synergy Sauna™ one of the most affordable saunas in the market but it is also among the select few that are easy to operate and truly portable.

Full-Spectrum Sauna for Full Detox Therapy

The Synergy Sauna™ uses full-spectrum infrared (FIR) rays between 1 and 20 micrometers to generate detoxifying therapeutic heat. Detoxification through the use of infrared can eliminate heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins from your body. Even though it has near, mid and far infrared, the highest concentration will be in the far infrared range.

The Synergy Sauna™ ranges from 113°F to 140°F, typically reaching 140°F within fifteen minutes (depends on the starting temperature of the inside of the Synergy Sauna). The high-heat efficiency promotes blood circulation, healthy weight loss, healthy skin, and more. It also helps to keep your body healthy and encourages more perspiration than any conventional workout. A conventional sauna is simply designed to heat your environment and subject you to the atmosphere it creates; however, a FIR sauna does much more. FIR affects your skin and body directly; by doing so, the sauna provides greater benefits, such as releasing the heavy metal toxins that reside within the body. There are benefits to using lower temperatures. At lower temperatures, you can expel different toxins and the viscosity of the sweat will be different than at 140°F

Unlike a high-temperature sauna that cleans out your pores but requires you to replace fluids and electrolytes lost from your body, our portable infrared sauna’s temperature range results in more fat-laden sweat secretion and the loss of fewer electrolytes. At lower temperatures, the sweat from an infrared sauna session is composed of up to 20% toxins, compared to only 3% produced in a high-temperature steam sauna. This is the main reason the infrared sauna is the better sauna for detox purposes.

Choose Between Two Modes

The Synergy Sauna™ has two different modes that you can choose from: Therapy Mode and Sauna Mode. In Therapy Mode, the three heating panels in your sauna will turn on and off during your session. This creates a fluctuation in the sauna’s overall temperature and is best for lower temperature infrared therapy. Sauna Mode allows you to choose and adjust the temperature of your sauna as desired. Once a temperature is selected, the sauna will remain at that temperature for the duration of your session. Having sauna sessions at different temperatures will allow you to sweat out different toxins.

Different Settings

The Synergy Sauna™ includes two unique features: ozone cleaning and negative ion therapy. Both of these typically make a sauna more expensive, but the Synergy Sauna™ remains affordable.

The ozone cleaning setting in the Synergy Sauna™ is designed to keep the inside of your sauna free of bacteria. Do not use this feature during your sauna session; instead, run the ozone cleaning setting after your sauna session to help remove any bacteria and keep your sauna clean.

All infrared saunas produce EMFs; however, the Synergy Sauna™ emits an extremely low amount of EMFs during your session. If you wish to create an environment that can further protect you from any potential EMF exposure, we recommend that you turn on the negative ion setting during your session. This setting releases negative ions into the air to help protect you against EMF exposure even more.

Ultra-Low EMF Exposure

With the Synergy Sauna™, you will experience all the benefits of full-spectrum infrared therapy while also protecting yourself from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and extremely low frequencies (ELFs), also known as electric fields. The sauna uses carbon heating panels that are ultra low in EMFs (less than 1 mG) and ELF (between 150mV to 200mV). This reading is so low that you will be exposed to virtually no EMFs or ELFs as you enjoy your sauna session.

Tourmaline and Jade Gemstones

Our portable infrared sauna also uses tourmaline gemstones in the heating panels to provide faster and deeper penetrating infrared. The foot heating pad contains jade gemstones. Using these gemstones in the heating panels can help your body temperature quickly rise high enough to sweat while also enhancing your relaxation and breaking down contaminants in the air.

Portable and Easy to Use

The Synergy Sauna™ makes it easy to experience the benefits of infrared sauna therapy anywhere, any time. It weighs only 24.15 pounds and can fold down flat for easy storage or portability; however, its sleek design compliments any home if you choose to leave it up.

The Synergy Sauna™ includes a chair that is made up of Oxford cloth fabric. The warp of the fabric is made of 200D nylon air-change yarn, and the weft, or weave, of the chair is made of 160D nylon air-change yarn. The chair is a plain-weave structure that is woven by a water jet. After dyeing the fabric and completing the finishing and coating processes, the gray fabric of the chair is soft to the touch, provides a strong drape, and is waterproof.

To use your Synergy Sauna™, simply use the provided handheld remote to select your settings or temperature. You can also turn on the negative ion therapy during your session, or the ozone setting for cleaning, by pressing the appropriate side of the center oval of the generator. The generator sits along the bottom of the back panel bottom, to the right.

If you wish to use your hands during your sauna session, there are openings for you to put your arms outside of the sauna. The Synergy Sauna™ also includes three removable, absorbent, and machine-washable neck collars. This allows you to provide a clean and sanitary environment between people and each sauna use.

synergy sauna sitting at home


At Synergy Science™, we want to give you the health advantages you need to live your best life. To do that, we are committed to providing you and your family with a variety of products to empower you to live your healthiest life.

A great way to support your health and help fight against illness is sauna therapy. However, visiting a spa can become expensive. Not only that, but many traditional saunas use extremely high temperatures that cause you to lose more electrolytes and do not maximize the possible benefits. When it comes to sauna therapy, hotter is not always better.

With the Synergy Sauna™, we wanted to provide you with an easy and convenient way to experience the benefits of infrared sauna treatment, a method of sauna therapy that has been shown to penetrate deeper into your body and provide greater benefits in shorter sessions. Because we know that many of our customers lead busy lives, it was important for the Synergy Sauna™ to be lightweight, easy to use, and portable. As a result, you can enjoy a 15- to 60-minute session any time and take your sauna with you when you travel.

Now you have another tool to help you achieve your health goals, and you never have to go a day without it!

Additional information

Weight 24.15 lbs
Dimensions 30.75 × 21 × 41 in

110 Volt, 220 Volt

38 reviews for Synergy Sauna™

  1. Shari

    I bought the sauna after watching the webinar. I have been researching infrared saunas for a whille and this one was the only sauna I have seen with the full spectrum infrared instead of just near or far. The sauna is well-made and easy to set up. One bonus I found the first time I used it is that the sweating at such a high temperature will loosen up the dead dry skin on your body and leave your skin smoother. I also like that the fabric is bamboo and not synthetic.

  2. Brandon Nish

    Josie, thank you for your comment. Our customer support team will be reaching out to you in regards to your sauna.

  3. Sonia

    I love love love this sauna! It’s everything I wanted and more! This company and their sauna is 100%!
    Thank you!!!!

  4. Macak


  5. Jeremy T

    Could not be happier – the full spectrum tech really makes a difference. I love it and use it all year!

  6. Shannon Archibald

    This one is a bit more expensive than some other options out there, but I don’t regret buying it. It seriously is the ONLY one I’ve found with no EMFs. To me, that’s worth $. Would give a 4.5 star if I could. Only reason for the half star is I would like a better chair but it’s just like a normal camping chair quality.

  7. Emilio D.

    Took 2 months to get it cause the stupid worldwide backorders which isn’t their fault but we love it and have used it about 5 times already in the past 2 weeks and it works. Does what it needs, and has no EMFs. If I could put a picture up I’d show it with my meter.

  8. Brady S.

    Fantastic product

  9. Ann S.

    Actually the sauna is quite lightweight yet seems to be strong; heats up quickly (contrasted to my traditional sauna). I like the portability, and plan to start building it into my weekly schedule following my workouts!

  10. Kelly

    I am really enjoying the sauna and the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because the chair is a bit short for me. I’m only 4′ 11″ so my head and neck barely are out of the sauna when sitting down. Otherwise it’s really nice

  11. Marcia Leitschuh

    The sauna seems to work well and I’ve been using it 3-4 times a week. I am impressed with how fast it heats my body to sweating and I only pre heat it about 5 minutes.
    I have 2 not so great things.
    The ozone/negative ion generator switches from ozone to negative ion automatically and I don’t know if it is supposed to or not, and how long the ozone is running before switching.
    Also, I don’t prefer the sling chair as it rotates my hips in a lot, and it is short so that my knees are bent over 90 degrees and I am very slouched in the sauna. I would prefer a small, wooden, flat stool that is higher so that my knees are at more of a right angle and i can easily sit more upright.

  12. Samantha DB

    I would give this 4.5 stars. I’m loving it …aside from the chair. It’s super uncomfortable, especially for bigger, taller people. I get trying to keep it small but a wooden seat that’s flat would’ve been better. I’m also noticing that the ion switches off on its own. Any way to get that to stop? Otherwise it heats up well and I love the low EMFs.

  13. Sandra Harvey

    This sauna is amazing. I have used it for 30-35 minutes every day for over 2 weeks. My BMI levels have reduced significantly. I am sleeping so much better. Would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to lose weight.

  14. Veronica Mc Cabe

    Very quick delivery. Lovechild full spectrum. Only suitable for smallish people. I’m 5.6 and just about fit in. My family all over 6.3 no use what so ever for them. Sorry I didn’t go for full sauna.

  15. Lorri D.

    The Synergy Sauna I purchased was defective. This can happen with any product. The important thing is that the customer service department at Synergy Sauna was prompt responsive and helpful. They replaced the defective sauna with no hassles. I am now enjoying my new Synergy Sauna. It is working well and I feel great afterwards. The chair is reasonably comfortable. I like the foot pad option, though for me its a little too hot, so I move my feet on and off it. A couple of design elements I think would benefit from improvement: The metal zipper on the inside of the sauna gets quite hot making unzipping at the end of the session, uncomfortable. The control device would benefit from a longer cord…it barely reaches the pocket, and is awkward to hold and look at during the sauna. The user would benefit from a more detailed instruction book. The book tells you how to set up the sauna but gives very few instructions on how to use it properly. Overall, I am happy with the sauna and Lexi at customer service gets an A Plus.

  16. GabK

    It was easy enough to set up but the bars are hard to fix in place, and the top bar is a bit of a nuisance as it has to be removed for getting in and out. It heats up beautifully, however, the chair is really uncomfortable, and the seating position forces the head forward and I end up with a stiff neck. Luckily I have the space to keep it set up, as I think I would find it troublesome if I had to dismantle it each time. I like that my head is outside and not getting hot, plus I can watch something whilst I am in it. It seems to be quite well made although it feels a bit on the flimsy side for the price, which was rather high. But I do appreciate that it is low EMF very much, which was why I bought it.

  17. Tina Connelly

    Really like this sauna! It definitely heats your core temperature which is beneficial in so many ways especially circulation! I just wish the chair was just a couple inches wider.

  18. Ansonet

    I love it just don’t know how to use the remote. How to use + and~. and how to set. It relaxes me completely and I slept well. Thx a lot

  19. Jude

    Love this portable sauna. Easy to use. It does take some time (24 hours) for it to dry around the neck and hand areas before I can put it away, but not a problem. I also use a small towel inside to pull the zippers since they get quite hot! Customer service is also very knowledgeable and helpful.

    • Paul Barattiero

      The neck collars are designed to be removed by zipping them off and laundering them. Each sauna comes with 3 removable neck collar that can be laundered. We recommend you remove it to wash it or at least drying it in a dryer.

  20. Luella

    I bought the sauna after watching the webinar. I have been researching infrared saunas for a while and this one was the only sauna I found with the full spectrum infrared instead of just near or far. The sauna is easy to set up. I get a full body sweat at a temperature of about 120 degrees which is interesting to me because I don’t sweat easily even in the heat with a lot of exersion. I really like that it is made of bamboo and not synthetic. Overall, a great product.

  21. Dave C

    The sauna works really well, heats up fairly quickly. I would have liked a more comfortable seat, a longer cord on both the control device and the plug.

  22. Miriam

    I’m very happy with my sauna!! I watched the webinar and ordered it immediately. I can’t believe how fast it came in! It is everything it promised to be. Highly recommended!!

  23. Esther

    If you are wanting a sauna that is affordable and easy to use and store this is the best choice. I was happily surprised on the heat this has, you will sweat as much as you want. I was pleased with the Synergy teams support when I had an issue with the ozone generator. They took care of the issue and I feel they are a reputable company. Oh the drawback for me is the neck collar, I would like it to be thicker or more substantial as it is loose and kinda limp. All said I don’t regret my purchase.

  24. Shelley

    I love the sauna and would give it 5 stars, except two things. 1) the ozone switched while I was in it because I shifted and chair hit the button. 2) I wanted clear instructions on how to fold it with all the cords tucked safely so I can travel with it, but there are no clear instructions. I do love it otherwise.

  25. Valarie L

    My husband and I both love it. We use on almost a daily basis. Makes you feel great, inside and out. Very easy to use and nice to be able to set up just about anywhere.

  26. Lindsay Garvey

    This sauna is amazing!! I saw a webinar about the benefits, and decided to purchase this one because of not only the material, but how BIG IT IS!! I get all the way in mine!! So great!! Very easy to set up and to break down if you want to take it on the go. I am forever blessed to use this daily! Thank you!!


    I love this sauna. It instantly became part of our regimen. The only problem is the chair. I understand the space to fit it into is small and that it had to be foldable for shipping purpose I guess. But it forces the body into a crouching position. Very unconfortable for the back in long sessions. Wish there was an option for an upgrade. I used a chair of mine that fits in but I will shop for something more optimal.

  28. Audrey

    The sauna was very easy to construct, is lightweight, and portable. I use a towel on the seat and on top of the foot stones. Each time I have sat in the sauna, I have sweated through my shirt completely. I like the stones at my feet and the variable temperature that they can be set at. I like using the O3 after the sauna, and I feel that it is a disinfecting process. With multiple users, the three zippered, washable neckbands are helpful. It is easy to watch a short video while in the sauna. This helps pass the time for me.
    The first time using it my perspiration afterward smelled like an old hockey bag, but subsequent times has not been so smelly-just an interesting observation.
    Thank you for offering such a well designed, product for the general public’s health.

  29. Jeff

    Outstanding sauna that we use daily. Great product, compact size, perfect for our needs.

  30. ME

    This is an amazing product. Easy set up, easy to use, easy to clean. I use it in the morning and feel great the rest of the day. So glad I made the decision to give it a try.

  31. Pat

    love it !! but would be even more amazing if you would add 2 more feet to plug in cord and several more inches to the control panel ! control panel barely reaches to front of “tent”.

  32. Marilyn S.

    We love the sauna!! Use it about 3 times a week and feel good and rested after use.

    • Paul Barattiero

      Thank you for loving your Synergy Sauna. We are grateful for your trust.

  33. Karen Armstrong

    My husband and I like the sauna. We just have a few suggestions to make it even better. The zippers get way too hot and should be coated with something safe to prevent burns. The portable foot pad is way too hot for our feet; even at the lowest setting. So we have to lift it up out of the way. It does help the unit heat up faster but you can’t rest your feet on it. The unit is plenty hot for me, but my husband said it never gets to 140*, and that it cools down significantly once he gets in and stays about 130*. But it definitely makes you sweat!

    • Paul Barattiero

      Thank you for loving the Synergy Sauna. Thank you for your feedback. The foot heater does get hot and definitely works really great as a heater when put against the front facing the sauna user. For the Synergy Sauna to get to full temperature which is 140 degrees F, you need to have sufficient electrical service and not have a outlet that is on the same line as several things that are pulling electricity. You also need to have the foot heater on high and the mode of the Synergy Sauna on sauna mode and not therapy mode. Thank you again for your trust and for loving the Synergy Sauna.

  34. Paul Barattiero

    The Synergy Sauna needs to be on a electric circuit that is being shared with other devices that are pulling a lot of power. You also need to have the foot heater on high as well as you will need to be in sauna mode not therapy mode. The Synergy Sauna will get to 140 degrees F. If the power supply will support the 1000 watts needed.

  35. Patti Tessen

    My husband and I are really enjoying the Synergy Sauna. I especially love the portability of it. I was concerned that the sauna has never reached the full temperature of 140 degrees. I just read your response to another reviewer about the outlet not having other devices plugged into it, so I will investigate this. It currently stays between 125 & 130 degrees after letting it heat for about 20 minutes before entering. The chair is a little uncomfortable for tall people, but I still give it 5 stars for the easy initial setup, easy to use controls, portability, and ozone cleaning option.

  36. Ellen Smyth

    Is it possible to order at CyberMonday price even tho out of stock? Please text or call me, if so. Thank you 206-227-2618 I don’t have one yet but think I was introduced thru The Truth About Cancer.

  37. Margie Glenn

    I can’t really rate it yet but I do like the size of it and that it’s portable. Im just reading reviews as I am interested in buying one for my husband that was diagnosed with transverse myelitis and cidp. Is this recommended for someone with this condition?

  38. Kirk (verified owner)

    I’ve had the Synergy sauna for a few months. It’s real good overall.
    The foot pad is unnecessary for me. I would take that out and instead make the tent taller, also larger front to back.

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