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Say hello to the Echo Go™: the same world-leader hydrogen-enriched water technology, now in a more portable option. Drinking hydrogen water has never been easier.

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Good health is something we are all searching for. Whether you are trying to start living a healthier lifestyle or don’t want to lose the good health you have, it seems like there are a hundred different solutions available to help you reach your goals. To live a healthier life, many companies, salespeople, neighbors, and health coaches say that you need a healthier diet.

While this is true for most people, such a transition often leads to others saying that you need to purchase certain foods, supplements, vitamins, meal replacements, meal enhancements, pH water, purified water, energized water, structured water, or more in order to reach your goals. Before you know it, you’re spending hundreds of dollars a month on diet plans, health coaches, and a range of products that fill your cupboards and empty your bank account — all while you simply hope that they will work.

Your New Health Solution

It’s time to stop wishing and waiting for a product to help you achieve your health goals. All you need is one product: Echo Hydrogen Water™. This unique type of water is specifically designed to address your various health concerns and actually bring life-changing results that are backed by over 1,000 scientific studies!

Made with our incredible Echo Water® Machines, hydrogen-enriched water has over 40 different proven health benefits. The hydrogen-enriched water that our machines make is different from anything else on the market because we dissolve molecular hydrogen directly into your water without changing your water’s pH level. As a result, you have access to pure water and one of nature’s most powerful selective antioxidants.

What’s So Special About Molecular Hydrogen?

Most antioxidants are electron donors, meaning they give one of their unpaired electrons to free radicals or oxidants. As a result, antioxidants neutralize oxidants and free radicals, preventing your cells from becoming damaged. However, molecular hydrogen is a selective antioxidant. This means that it can specifically target reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are highly reactive free radicals that can cause cellular death and oxidative stress. Not only that, but molecular hydrogen also specifically targets hydroxyl radicals, which are the most toxic to cells and for which your body does not have a natural defense.

While oxidation is a natural occurrence, most of us have an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants, resulting in an abundance of harmful free radicals and ROS. Such an increase in free radicals has been shown to increase inflammation and contribute to the development of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more.

Hydrogen-Enriched Water Can Boost Your Health

By adding molecular hydrogen to your drinking water, Echo Hydrogen Water™ provides your body with the selective antioxidant it needs to help restore proper health and maintain homeostasis.

As if fighting inflammation and disease wasn’t enough, molecular hydrogen has also been shown to help reduce signs of aging, improve memory and general brain function, increase energy, boost mitochondrial function, and boost your immune system by repairing the gut from leaky gut syndrome.

We understand if you are skeptical about something that claims to offer so many benefits simply by drinking water. But one thing that sets hydrogen-enriched water apart is that its benefits are proven in over 1,000 scientific studies over a span of two centuries. The benefits of molecular hydrogen are nothing new; they’re just starting to become more well-known.

So, if you’re tired of switching between diets and products or if you want to swap out the expensive fads for peace of mind, then you’re ready for Echo Hydrogen-Enriched Water™!

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Designed for people on the go, the Echo Go™ hydrogen water bottle allows you to have access to hydrogen-enriched water whether you are working out at the gym, running errands, taking a vacation, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

State-of-the-Art Technology

As one of the best portable hydrogen water generators in the industry, the Echo Go™ uses safe, high-quality, platinum-coated titanium electrode plates to produce hydrogen-enriched water. The Echo Go™ uses state-of-the-art Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technologies. As a result, the Echo Go™ produces above the therapeutic level of 0.5 ppm of molecular hydrogen, providing 1.2 ppm of molecular hydrogen in a 3-minute cycle and 1.8 ppm in a 10-minute cycle. It also produces an oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of -600mV or more.

Safe for You and the Planet

The Echo Go™ is made out of Tritan™ plastic, a truly BPA- and all bisphenol-free product. Tritan™ plastic is also much lighter than glass and impact-resistant, making it easier for you to handle without the fear of it breaking or cracking. Tritan™ plastic is a very tough material, which allows your Echo Go™ to last longer while also helping you reduce long-term waste from traditional disposable water bottles. This plastic is also GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®, which means that it is environmentally friendly.

How Does It Work?

The Echo Go™ hydrogen water bottle works with filtered drinking water, including distilled and reverse osmosis (RO). Choose between two cycles (three or 10 minutes long) to generate the concentration of hydrogen you need in your hydrogen-enriched water. This product also comes with a self-cleaning feature that takes only three minutes to kill any bacteria buildup in your water bottle. DO NOT drink the water from the self-cleaning cycle. Be sure to pour the water out of your Echo Go™ after using the self-cleaning feature.

Enjoy the convenience of a 10-ounce, portable hydrogen water bottle that provides you with the benefits of hydrogen-enriched water wherever you go!

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The creation of our Echo Water® Machines began with the discovery that adding molecular hydrogen to water, not changing the water’s pH level, is what helps many people experience life-changing health benefits. As more and more research became available about the powerful health and antioxidant benefits of molecular hydrogen, we wanted to make it possible for anyone and everyone to experience these benefits for themselves.

Over the years, Synergy Science™ has created a variety of Echo Water® Machines that you can install in your home. While many customers rave about our various Echo Water® Machines, we wanted to provide a way for more people to experience the benefits of hydrogen-enriched water, no matter their budget or circumstance.

That’s why we created the Echo Go™! This simple-to-use and portable Echo Water® Machine is incredibly affordable. This device is the perfect option for those who are looking to try Echo Hydrogen Water™ for the first time, who want to be able to drink their hydrogen-enriched water anywhere, or who may find themselves on a limited budget. In short, the Echo Go™ is a great way for everyone to enjoy the best water in the world.

The Echo Go™ hydrogen water bottle produces hydrogen-enriched water that is:

  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Peanut- and tree nut-free
  • Allergen-free
  • Free of additives
  • GMO-free
  • BPA-free
  • Free of preservatives
  • Sugar-free
  • Free of artificial sweeteners
  • Fat-free
  • Zero calorie
  • Free of artificial flavors
  • Caffeine-free
  • Hormone-free
  • Antibiotic-free
  • MSG-free
  • Ketogenic
  • Vegan

18 reviews for Echo Go™

  1. Alex C Costa

    I can attest to the fact that the customer service of this company is excellent. I had several questions after receiving my echoGO and they were all answered quickly and professionally. Looking forward to another step-up in personal health & wellness!

  2. Mari

    My echoGo is perfect. I enjoy having the ability
    to make hydrogen water at any time. I think of it as a small new being in my life.

  3. Kelly

    We purchased the Echo H2 and we received the Echo Go along with purchase. We have only been using the bottle for a few days, it’s very easy to use and the water taste great. The main reason we made the purchase is health issues.

  4. JP (verified owner)

    I’ve been drinking about 4-6 container of this water a day and I have not felt much difference or change yet. It’s been only 2 weeks, so let’s see if in a couple more weeks I feel better or feel any improvements!

  5. Brad Gollhardt

    Ordered the Echo H2, but got the EchoGo as a bonus. The EchoGo is very convenient for getting a quick 10 oz of H2 water. Easy to use. Was surprised the 3 hour charge doesn’t last more than about 50 oz. it might be nice to have the unit capable of making H2 water while charging. Looking forward to seeing all the healthy benefits and getting the EchoH2 installed.

    • Paige White-Stahle

      Hi Brad, we’re glad you like your Echo Go! We appreciate the feedback on increasing the capabilities and battery life of the unit. I’ll get your suggestion passed on to our product development team. Thank you for your purchase and support!

  6. Mckay

    Great Product! I have it plugged in my car all day so I can bring it with me wherever I go. It plays a primary role when I go to the gym. It helps me stay hydrated, and I no longer need to take pre-workout for energy!

  7. Enid Paulk (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Echo Go since 2020. The water gives me so much energy. It is so easy to use. I feel so good drinking the water I decided to purchase the pitcher size to give me more water. I wanted the pitcher so I could take it in my motor home. Otherwise I would have gotten an H2 device to install at my kitchen sink.

  8. Sara

    I purchased the Echo pitcher 3 weeks ago because I use a Berkey gravity filter, It’s really easy to use, the water tastes great and I have seen several improvements : energy and endurance, easier walking, sounder sleep, reduction of cravings, improvement of skin crepiness and clearing of skin in other ways.
    Just purchased the Go to have for travel. Also, customer service is great about answering questions.
    A friend bought a cheaper knock-off and ended up returning it and buying the Echo pitcher (she was bragging about the price of the knock-off, but saw it was no bargain!)
    Definitely recommend it.

  9. Margaret Bolejack

    I love the echo water machine. If I didn’t have cancer, osteoporosis etc. would have noticed a difference sooner.

  10. Grace

    I received my echo go and I love it so much. So easy to use. Loving the hydrogen water and I purchased it for my health issues. Thank you🌸

  11. Tracey

    I have used hydrogen water in the past, and I love being able to make my own! The primary benefit I notice is more energy / focus and better recovery after working out.

  12. Karen Manser

    I ordered the echo go and the hydrogen drops. The echo go seems fine. I like the water and it makes me feel better. They hydrogen drops in the tube leak all over I guess due to pressure then the top of the tube cracked and now a good amount is wasted every time I try to get drops into a glass.

  13. Lauren Milano Wiacek

    The concept of this is awesome! Able to make the best water on the go! The price is good for concept. The only thing is the size. That only makes a big gulp of water for myself. Hopefully they come out with a bigger model!

  14. Melissa Ceresoli

    I bought 3. 2 leak…and the 3rd one the green light does not come on. Water in the two taste great and gives me energy!!! Love them…except for the leaks.

  15. Meike

    I have been using my echoGo a lot and that is all I drink now. The only thing is I am noticing a leak at the bottom. I called customer service and sent in a video. I haven’t cleaned with my Echo H2 yet, but have sprayed it on my skin/face!

  16. Greg

    I would like to know how it works. You say dont drink it BUT this one is alright to drink, same process?

  17. Emily Tiner

    I absolutely love my Echo Go! Not only does it taste incredible and feel so fresh and smooth, but I find my body actually craving it! I went from drinking about 80 oz of water every day to easily drinking a gallon each day with my Echo Go water bottle. And knowing that I’m truly getting hydrated and the antioxidant water is reducing free radicals in my body makes it 1000% worth it. I’ve told everyone I know about it.

  18. Carol Boisse

    Love the echotogo, gives me energy, and see improvement in my skin as well
    Better than an energy drink for me!!

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