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1 review for Echo Go™ (1 Pack)

  1. Lynnette Martin (verified owner)

    I love my echoGO!!!
    However; The day I received my box, I was so excited to get drink my first H water I read the instruction card, scanned the User Manuel QR code to find-there is no User Manuel for the echoGo! MARKETING ALERT – terrible instructions on the READ THIS- PLEASE add Unit comes fully charged.
    Add to 1. Short button press- takes 3 min for ___H
    Add to 2. Takes 10 Min for ___H
    Add to pressing the button for 3 seconds to self clean. How OFTEN do you need to clean it for optimum life span???
    After not being able to know whether to charge the unit and no user Manuel scanning the QR, I called customer service. A lady answered, I started asking my questions, she was short with me and rude, referred me to your green User Manuel. I told her there was enough white space on the Read This card to add 4 simple lines every new user needs to know. She told me unit comes fully charged. Great to know, I could have plugged it in and destroyed the battery not knowing red light comes on when charging! And, she said after 4-5, 10 min cycles I would need to charge it. Also, the first cycle runs 3 min and the second- 2 push cycle runs 10 min and again referred me to the User Manuel.
    So, after about 45 min of total frustration trying to get simple, basic instruction. I filled my echoGo, pressed the button two times and the blue light went on and a small beep was heard after 10 min w/blue light going off. I drank my H water and filled it again. Well, I have used it 9X a day. This is my 3rd day without having to charge it. The button still turns on and the blue light goes on to make my H water. Hmm… I will let u know how many times one charge will give you on the 10 min cycle, since there’s no info on that!!
    On a positive note, the box it comes in is absolutely beautiful!!! Very nice packaging.
    Wish I would have had a great experience knowing how to use it for the first time!!
    Hope this helps your marketing team!
    BTW! I bought this because I saw Jack Stockwell’s podcast with the owner. Please give the owner this feedback, marketing (please add this info) it would really help us new buyers!!
    Sincerely, Lynnette Martin

    • Shayla

      Thank you Lynnette for your thorough review, this information has been passed to our marketing team!

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