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Leap into the future with the Echo Digital Faucet™, which connects to your Echo 7 Machine™, Echo 9 Machine™, or Echo 9 Ultra Machine™ to bring Echo Hydrogen-Enriched Water™ to you in the comfort of your own home. Please contact us with any questions about this filtered water dispenser faucet.

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The Echo Digital Faucet™ connects with the Echo 7 Machine™, Echo 9 Machine™, and Echo 9 Ultra Machine™ and is required when any of these machines are installed under the sink.

The Echo Digital Faucet™ is designed to easily switch between filtered, acid, alkaline, and hydrogen water. With the double spout design, the Echo Digital Faucet™ allows for alkaline water and acid water to be dispensed simultaneously.

  • Hydrogen water: the benefits of hydrogen water include reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, and improving gut health.
  • Alkaline water: alkaline water can be used for deep cleaning.
  • Acid water: the benefits of acid water include disinfecting surfaces, cleaning fruit, helping combat acne, and treating skin conditions like eczema.

Easily select and dispense the water that best suits your needs with the Echo Digital Faucet™.


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