Echo Cleaning Cartridge

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The Cleaning Cartridge releases citric acid into the Echo Water® Machine for a thorough cleaning. Keep your hydrogen water crisp and clean!

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The Cleaning Cartridge (for the Echo 9 Machine™, Echo 9 Ultra Machine™, Echo H2® Machine, and Echo Ultimate) cleans an Echo Water® Machine one time by releasing cleansing citric acid throughout the device. The Cleaning Cartridge is about the same size as a Replacement Filter (for Echo 9 Machine™, Echo 9 Ultra Machine™, Echo H2® Machine, and Echo Ultimate) and is made to fit in the same filter housing. The citric acid released removes any unwanted particles, taste, or buildup.

If your machine has suffered from reduced water flow, this will generally solve your problem. It is also recommended as a minimum to clean your Echo Water® Machine whenever you replace the filter.

Detailed instructions for your specific Echo Water® Machine will be sent with your shipment. (Your model no. is located on a silver plate on the back of the machine. If you have trouble knowing which machine you need to select above, ask the chat!)

5 reviews for Echo Cleaning Cartridge

  1. Donna Nelslon (verified owner)

    1 star – The instructions were very poor and wasted the cartridge because I allowed the water to run for 5 minutes instead of 10 seconds. 3 stars for providing a replacement filter at no charge — Thank You!

  2. ED (verified owner)

    I installed it. It lasted all of 5 seconds and that was it. It was hard to tell if it actually did anything. I think you’re only supposed to use these one time.

  3. Michael Mitchell (verified owner)

    Filtration products work great and customer service is very helpful.

  4. Simone Nolte (verified owner)

    easy to use, and water was perfect again after the clean.

  5. Kenneth S. (verified owner)

    Got to use this for the first time and I have to say that our water seems cleaner now! Will always use this going forward when replacing new filters! Thank you for what you do!

    • Paul Barattiero

      Thank you. Glad you saw improvement from the cleaning cartridge. Thank you for your trust.

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