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Echo Water® Machines with built-in filtration are excellent at keeping your water safe. However, you may need to consider adding a pre-filter if your water has high amounts of total dissolved solids (TDS) or if your water is prone to heavy metals and contaminants, like those found in well water. Our Echo Fluoride Filter and Echo Sulfur & Heavy Metals Filter are highly recommended for those who need stronger filtration. The Echo Hard Water Filter, Echo Cleaning Cartridge, and Echo Remineralization Filter can help prolong the life of your machine. Echo Replacement Filters are required to filter out a majority of common contaminants and heavy metals. Other filters, like the Echo Carbon Block Filter™ and Echo Secondary Filter™, serve as replacement filters for machines like the Echo Retro™ that are no longer in production. Not every filter fits each machine, so make sure you’re buying the correct version.

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