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Protect You and Your Family From EMFs

Electronic and Wi-Fi radiation comes from our cellphones, computers, routers, and other electronics, so we are constantly surrounded by harmful exposure. EMFs have been proven to cause small health disturbances — like headaches, fatigue, and restless sleep — however, longtime exposure could lead to more serious, chronic health conditions. That’s why we decided to create our proprietary EMF protection devices.

EMF-Protection Devices That Fit Your Lifestyle

All of our EMF protection devices fit perfectly into your life and provide 24/7 protection against all EMF fields, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G! Larger devices, like the Halo Max™ and Halo Home™, can be left in your home or office and transform any space into an EMF-free sanctuary. Portable devices, like the Halo Me™ and Halo Shield™, protect you from EMFs while you travel and are so small you’ll hardly notice they are there.

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