Natural Home Remedies for Stomach Ulcers

Last Updated on: August 8, 2022

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What are Stomach Ulcers?

Ulcers are sores which take a long time to heal or repeatedly return. They can occur in many different forms and all over the body, both inside and out, but some of the most common and painful types are found in the stomach. (1)

Stomach ulcers are open sores in the stomach lining or in the upper part of the small intestine which can feel extremely painful. They are also known as peptic ulcers, gastric ulcers, or duodenal ulcers. The stomach acid makes the ulcers worse and last for a longer period of time.

Stomach ulcers are most often caused by bacteria called Helicobacter pylori, or H. pylori. They are also caused by repetitive use of painkillers. (2)

When a stomach ulcer begins, you will feel a burning sensation in the stomach which can last a few minutes or as long as several hours. The pain may ease with medications or when you stop consuming food.

The Best at Home Remedies for Relief

While stomach ulcers are extremely painful, there are various at-home remedies which will provide relief from the pain (3, 4, 5, 6).

  1. Garlic. Garlic contains properties which are both antibacterial and antimicrobial. Garlic helps fight infections and let the body heal more quickly.
  2. Ginger. Ginger has antioxidant properties which will reduce the inflammation in the stomach (7).
  3. Plantains. Unripe plantains (a type of bananas) have a flavonoid called leucocyanidin which increases the amount of stomach mucus and reduces acidity in the stomach.
  4. Cabbage juice. Cabbage has high levels of vitamin C which has been known to help prevent and treat H. pylori infections.
  5. Turmeric. Turmeric spice has a substance called curcumin which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which may help prevent stomach ulcers.
  6. Chamomile. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties and has been known to help those with stomach ulcers.
  7. Honey. Many people often use honey for medicinal healing inside of the body. Honey has antimicrobial effects against the H. pylori.
  8. Licorice. Licorice in supplement form can help fight off the bad bacteria in the ulcers.
  9. Aloe vera. Aloe vera has healing properties and people use it for curing sores and lesions on the skin. It works well in the stomach also to cure the ulcers.
  10. Probiotics. By consuming foods with probiotics in them, you can lessen the pain. Probiotics can reduce the amounts of bad bacteria and speed up the healing process.

Even though there are at-home solutions to provide some relief for the pain. People should attempt to prevent stomach ulcers from ever forming in the first place.


To avoid stomach ulcers, do everything possible to make sure unwanted bacteria does not enter your body. 

Use clean and filtered drinking water at all times. We recommend using the Echo RO™ machine which will filter your water and keep it safe for consumption. Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face. Wash produce and the outside of items you bring home from the store. Check and see if your medications list ulcers as a side effect and if so, contact your doctor. (7)

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Stress and spicy foods can make the ulcers worse so avoid the bottle of hot sauce for a while.

If you take the steps now to avoid stomach ulcers, then you will never need to look for at-home remedies to relieve the pain of an ulcer.

Do not Forget

Stomach ulcer pain can make daily tasks seem impossible. You do not have to suffer until a visit to the doctor. To receive immediate relief in your own home try these foods as natural remedies which will help heal the stomach lining more quickly and reduce the amounts of pain in your body.

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