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Meet the doctors

Helping us put the "science" into "Synergy Science".

We work side by side with doctors who are helping to open the doors on healthier living and new treatments. With their guidance and clinical experience, we are able to bring you more in-depth scientific information about our products and your health. We are thankful for the doctors that have shown their support on the blog and for Synergy Science as a whole. You inspire us. Once again, thank you.

Dr. Brady


Dr. Brady Wirick, DC has been in clinical practice in Idaho since 2006. He is currently serving as the director of integrative and regenerative medicine for Sensor Medica Clinics. His practice’s focus has been on functional medicine, functional neurology, and regenerative medicine. He and his lovely wife live in Ammon, Idaho, where they run their own cooking show, Kim and Brady’s Mostly Paleo Kitchen, and enjoy time together outdoors with any or all of their eight children.


“I am by no stretch of the imagination a competitive cyclist, but I do thoroughly enjoy riding a bicycle. When I started using hydrogen water prior to and during my rides, my efforts were noticeably different. The group of my friends that I ride with also noticed a big difference when I started climbing up hills faster than them!”

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Please do not view Synergy Science blogs as medical advice. We urge you to never put off or disregard seeking medical advice from your doctor or a qualified healthcare provider because of information in Synergy Science’s blogs. We understand that blogs can be a helpful resource, but they should never be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a healthcare provider. If you experience a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or 911.

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