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Stay Shielded From EMF Radiation Whether You’re at Home, the Office, or Out Traveling.

The Qi Shield creates a protective field with an 8-foot radius (16 x 16 feet out) and 6 feet up and 6 feet down. The small size of this unit, 7 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and 1.7 lbs., makes it ideal for traveling. It can easily fit in the corner of a desk, on a nightstand, in a carry-on bag, or in the cup holder of a car. If you would like to bring the Qi Shield™ with you on a plane, take the device out of your bag when going through security, tell them that it protects you from Wi-Fi and cellular radiation, and put it in the tray to go through the X-ray.

The Qi Shield is always on. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the box, lying on its side, or upside down — it’s always protecting you. As the Qi Shield™ has a lifetime of five to eight years, it will need to replaced after that time.

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