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Give Yourself Complete Protection With the Qi Home Cell™ or Qi Max™

The Qi Home Cell™ and Qi Max™ are designed to protect large areas. Both units produce protective fields. The only difference here is the size of the protective field.

  • Qi Home Cell™: 25-foot radius (50 x 50 feet out), 16 feet up and 16 feet down. In other words, the Qi Home Cell™ protects a 2,000 to 2,500 square foot area or up to a three-story home.
  • Qi Max™: 164-foot radius (328 x 328 feet out), 100 feet up and 100 down. In other words, the Qi Max™ protects nearly 2.1 million square feet or up to a 20-story commercial building.

Both the Qi Home Cell™ and Qi Max™ are optimized for protecting against 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G radiation and beyond.

These stationary units are designed to be placed flat and left in the same spot. Any motion will stop the unit from producing a protective field. After placement, the device will take 24 hours to establish the field of protection. You should not place anything on top of these units or clean them with harsh chemicals. Keep in mind that the field of protection will not be as reliable outside.

They function at 100% efficiency for eight years. After that time, they slowly decrease efficiency. Both the Qi Home Cell™ and Qi Max™ will need to be replaced after eight years. 

Update: The Qi Home Cell™ and Qi Max™ come in Pine and Dark Beech.

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