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The Reliable Hydrogen Water Machine

The Echo H2® Machine, one of our most reliable machines, uses our proprietary Echo Hydrogen Module™ to create and dissolve hydrogen differently than any of our competitors. Two streams of water are utilized so that the water that you drink never comes in contact with the electrodes. The Echo H2® Machine comes with an internal filter that is designed to remove glyphosate, pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, and VOCs from the water that you drink. The filter counter on the machine lets you know when it is time to replace the filter. The machine can also be connected to an additional external filter that removes fluoride from water. Our Synergy Resonance Technology™ adds frequencies to the water. Using a phone, tablet, or computer, you can choose what frequency you would like or what organ of the body you would like frequencies to go to. This can easily be changed at any time.

This machine can be installed either under the sink and on top of the counter to provide you with pure hydrogen water. When installed under the sink, the Echo H2® Machine must connect to the Echo H2® Faucet. The Echo H2® Machine can be connected to other filtration systems already present in the home. The Echo H2® Machine provides filtered water with frequencies even if the power is out. However, hydrogen production will not occur during a power outage, as that requires electricity. The Echo H2® Machine comes with a 5-year warranty, which includes parts, labor, and return shipping. This machine is the perfect choice for anyone who would like to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation and increase cognitive function.


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