Hydrogen Water and Back to School

Last Updated on: August 31, 2022

Young lady drinking glass of water

Backpacks are full of notebooks and pencils. Lunches are packed. Schedules are stuck to the fridge with magnets. Kids are returning to the classroom. 

While for some parents this may be a relief, for others it causes massive waves of anxiety. Especially after the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic we have lived through. Parents are worried about their kids staying healthy. They worry about small things like whether or not their kids are eating the vegetables in their lunches. However, they also worry about more serious issues such as how easily illnesses spread through schools.

The best way to help your kids and keep them healthy: give them hydrogen water!

Hand holding Echo Go - hydrogen water bottle by Synergy Science

Send them to school with water bottles full of hydrogen water. Hydrogen water protects the body and strengthens the immune system. (1) Water washes out unwanted bacteria in the body and makes sure mucus in the throat and nose is thick so no unwanted particles can enter.

Hydration is extremely important for the body, but also for the mind. Staying hydrated improves memory, and attention in children. (2) If kids do not drink water throughout the day, they will not do as well in classes as they could. 

It is so important then, for parents to send their kids with water bottles full of hydrogen water, ready for a day in the classroom. 

With teenagers who are old enough and responsible enough to operate it, send them to school with the Echo Go™

An Echo Go™ water bottle will provide your child with a constant supply of hydrogen water throughout their school day. Many teenagers go straight from school to sports practice. Having a water bottle, which makes hydrogen water with a click of a button, will keep them hydrated for classes and exercise. Hydrogen water will also keep inflammation to a minimum after a hard day’s sports practice.

Keep your children performing at their best, send them with hydrogen water today!


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