Hydrogen-Enriched Water for Pets

Last Updated on: April 29, 2022

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Pets are a part of the family. But did you know that the type of water you give them can play a role in their overall health? In this post you’ll learn how hydrogen-enriched water can help.

If you have pets, odds are you consider them to be part of the family. But are you giving your furry friends the best possible chance of staying healthy? By giving your pets the right kind of water, you can help ensure that they stay as healthy as possible.

How Much Water Does Your Pet Need Each Day?

Dogs: The amount of water that dogs need will vary depending on their level of activity, what type of food they consume, and if they are sheltered inside or exposed to the elements outside. It is recommended that you give your dog 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight daily. For example: If you have a 10-pound dog, you would need to give your dog 10 ounces of water per day. If you have a 75-pound dog, your dog would need 75 ounces of water per day. (1)

Cats: The amount of water that cats need daily depends heavily on their lifestyle. Similar to dogs, this includes what type of food they eat and their activity level. According to Dr. Jennifer Coates, “a ten-pound cat on a dry food diet would need to consume 1 cup of water per day. The same cat on a canned diet needs about [two-thirds of a] cup of water daily.” (2)

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Is your pet getting enough water each day?

Why Water Quality Is Important for Pets

In an interview with Synergy Science™ CEO Paul Barattiero, veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker talked about the importance of pets’ water quality. Dr. Becker explains that dogs and cats often sniff water bowls to collect information about the water, such as whether the water is contaminated or safe to drink. (3)

Dr. Becker also explained that while feral dogs and cats may have the option to find a new source of water if they detect contaminants in one source, our pets are often forced to drink whatever water we give them simply because there are no other options available. This means that your dog or cat will end up drinking contaminated water because the only other option is dehydration. (3)

Because your pets must drink whatever water you give them, contaminated or not, it is important to make sure that the water your pets drink is clean. Although tap water is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and each state may have its own additional regulations, that does not mean that your tap water is free of chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful organisms. And if those contaminants are in your water, that means your pets are ingesting them.

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Pets are forced to drink whatever water we give them, which means it’s especially important that we give them clean water.

How Can You Improve Your Pet’s Water?

With contaminants roaming through the water in your house and your pet’s inability to find alternative water sources, it is important that you give your pet clean water. The best way to do this is to use a high-quality water filter.

Many people like to use filtered water pitchers or filters that attach to your sink. While these types of filters tend to be more affordable than more robust options, they typically focus only on improving the taste of your water by removing chlorine. In addition, these filters remove minimal amounts of other contaminants, including pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride, and heavy metals.

If you are looking to provide your furry family members with water you know is properly filtered and clean, you may want to consider installing a whole-home water filtration system or a reverse osmosis filtration system, or use other filtration products that are certified to remove contaminants. Filtering your pets’ water may help increase their water consumption, thus helping them avoid dehydration and related health issues.

H2 water machine to help give pets clean hydrogen-enriched water
Using a robust filter can ensure that you give your pets the clean water they need.

Giving Your Pet Antioxidant Water™

In addition to giving your pet filtered water, you can give your dog or cat Echo Antioxidant Water™ to help take their health to the next level. Antioxidant Water™ is water that is infused with dissolved molecular hydrogen gas. Over 1,000 studies demonstrate the antioxidant and health benefits of ingesting hydrogen gas. In fact, a few of these studies focus on how hydrogen gas can benefit pets specifically.

Antioxidant Water™ May Help Protect Against Ischemia Injury in the Lungs

Ischemia is a condition in which an area of tissue within the body lacks a blood and oxygen supply, often caused by a constriction or obstruction. (4) Conditions involving ischemia include a stroke, myocardial infarction, and peripheral vascular disease. (5) Ischemia reperfusion is when the blood flow is restored to the area of tissue that was once constricted; however, reperfusion has been shown to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) and promote various inflammatory responses. (5, 6) Such a response is commonly known as ischemia-reperfusion injury.

One study on beagles found that dogs whose donor lungs were flushed and immersed in hydrogen-enriched water prior to a transplant had significantly better results than dogs whose donor lungs were not. The hydrogen-enriched water treatment showed less lung injury and fewer apoptosis (cell death) instances, concluding that hydrogen-enriched water can help prevent the occurrence of ischemia-reperfusion injury after a lung transplant. (7)

Antioxidant Water™ May Help Prevent Ischemia Injury in the Liver

Another study looked at how hydrogen-enriched water could help reduce ischemia-reperfusion injury in liver function. Eighteen beagles were divided into three groups, one of which was subject to pneumoperitoneum (air or gas in the abdomen) with CO2 after an injection of hydrogen gas for ten minutes. (8) Scientists collected blood samples both before and after treatment to evaluate oxidative stress and liver function.

The results found that dogs who were treated with hydrogen gas had more mild changes in the tissue and higher levels of both anti-oxidation and liver function. Hydrogen gas also helped reduce ischemia-reperfusion injury in the liver caused by the CO2 pneumoperitoneum. (9)

orange stripped cat relaxing in living room
Antioxidant Water™ has been shown to help with a variety of pet health issues.

Pet-Expert-Approved Antioxidant Water™

In addition to the few studies that show the benefits of hydrogen-enriched water on pets, several veterinarians and pet experts have seen the benefits firsthand. One pet expert, Dillion Toscano, has personally seen many instances where giving pets Antioxidant Water™ has helped with a variety of health issues. These are just some of the many examples from Wags 2 Whiskers that Mr. Toscano described in an interview with our team:

  • One dog had heart murmurs and was supposed to die; however, the dog ended up living for years and years with the help of adding hydrogen-enriched water to its diet.
  • Many cats who would not drink regular water would drink hydrogen-enriched water.
  • Many pets have experienced improved kidney and liver function by drinking Antioxidant Water™.
  • Remi, a dog, had liver problems. After about a month of drinking hydrogen-enriched water, at least half of Remi’s liver was back to normal, according to her blood work.

How to Get Antioxidant Water™ for Your Pet

If you want to give your pet better water that is both clean and full of health benefits, then you need Echo Antioxidant Water™. Our Echo Antioxidant Water™ Machines use robust filters to purify your water before infusing it with a minimum of 1.59 ppm of hydrogen gas. If you already have a filtration system set up in your home, you can use one of our portable Echo Antioxidant Water™ Machines. These machines do not have an additional filter and require the use of pre-filtered water; however, they will infuse your water with a minimum of 1.23 ppm of hydrogen gas.

No matter which type of Echo Antioxidant Water™ Machine you choose, providing your pet with clean, hydrogen-enriched water can help ensure that your furry friend stays as healthy as possible for life.

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