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How is 5G Different from 4G?

Last Updated on: June 27, 2022

How is 5G different from 4G? 

As 5G wireless technology sweeps across the nation and the world, many wonder and ask why 5G seems to constantly appear wrapped in a cloud of acclaim and excitement. Some question how 5G could possibly work better than 4G and even fear this spread of new technology.

First, consumers should understand why 5G has been created and implemented in many developed parts of the world. Forbes magazine compared 5G and its predecessors to the progress and development of listening devices and video. In the beginning of cellular technology, the first generation cell phone tech was comparable to a record player; slow and limited in its abilities. Record players then improved to VCR devices, then DVDs, Blu-ray followed, and then the internet and stream-able services emerged and have become the common way to view entertainment. (1) 5G in this analogy mirrors the internet. 5G has the potential to work faster than its predecessors, and it holds much more possibilities and power than 4G ever could have.

4G wireless transmission technology stayed relevant for only a short time but with the increased demand for quick internet speeds and better quality of data transmitted, an upgrade became necessary to keep up with the progressing world.

What are the Benefits of 5G?

 5G will not only send and receive data and messages quicker than past cellular services, but it will also improve the quality of data sent. While a downloaded photo with 4G might appear fuzzy and take time to clarify and load completely, 5G will download the same image faster and clearer than ever before. (2) In a current world that values technology as a communication device more than ever, quicker and more reliable connections are essential.

The benefits of 5G wireless transmission do not stop there. For example, the speed and efficiency of 5G will improve all facets of technology including that of health care. With more powerful wireless, machines will operate quicker, data will process faster and therefore, health care costs could dramatically decrease for patients. (3

Potential Shortcomings of 5G

However, even with all of the claims of better internet speeds and higher quality processing, some still argue that 5G has not improved much. A writer for the Washington Post claimed that when he compared 4G phone speeds next to a new 5G phone, there appeared little difference. (4) Another group compared phone speeds around Los Angeles and reported that in most cases 4G actually worked faster than the new 5G phones. They also reported that 5G coverage has not become as extensive as 4G and so consumers will not benefit from the new 5G networks until they have become better established and widespread. (5)

Is 5G Dangerous?

Many people have raised concerns that 5G technology could increase their exposure to harmful EMFs. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible forms of radiation coming from man made electronics and lighting sources. They range from low levels of radiation (usually considered harmless) to high levels which could contribute to damage in the cells and DNA of the human body. (6)

Many claim EMF exposure can also cause cancer or inflammation in the skin, organs, and body systems. (7, 8, 9) EMFs have also been known to cause dizziness, tiredness, headaches, and photosensitivity. (10)

How to Protect Yourself From 5G EMFs

Since EMFs can have harmful and annoying effects on the human body, there are some products which can protect you from them. Halo Products™ sold by Synergy Science™ have proven effective in shielding you from EMF radiation. Each Halo Device™ has a different area of protection, so choose whatever size will work best in protecting you and those you live or work with.

Even if you avoid 5G, your neighbors, colleagues, and friends could still expose you to their 5G technology without your knowledge. Stay safe by purchasing a Halo Device™.

Is 5G Here to Stay?

5G wireless technology still is very new and will need to improve over time. The lack of difference in speed between 4G phones and 5G phones exists as an example of this. The first wave of 5G tech will obviously evolve and progress as adjustments are made over the next several years. As it becomes more widespread and accessible, speeds should increase for most, if not all users.

Even though some claim there exists no visible difference, there are far more people who insist 5G processes faster and has better data quality overall (11). 5G wireless will meet the demands of an ever more technology dependent society.


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