Health-Focused Holiday Gifts Under $200

Last Updated on: June 17, 2022

This holiday season, gift shopping doesn’t need to be a hassle. Give your friends and family the gift of better health with our list of health-focused holiday gifts under $200. Your loved ones — and your wallet — will thank you!

The holidays are nearly here, which means it’s time to start shopping for everyone on your list. This year, we’ve made Christmas shopping easy so you don’t have to stress about fighting crowds, taking hours to find that perfect gift, or spending a ton of money. With this list of gifts under $200, you can find something for everyone and stay within your budget.

Synergy Science™ has the perfect health-focused gifts for anyone on your holiday list.

Gifts for the Clean-Water Enthusiast

Everyone needs water, but there are some people who seem to always have a glass of water in their hand. Not only do they care about staying hydrated, but they are concerned about what’s in their water — or rather, what’s not in it. If there’s someone on your list who loves to do the best things for their body, these gift ideas are just right for them, whether or not they already have an Echo Water™ Machine.

Echo Go™

The Echo Go™ is the portable and affordable Echo Antioxidant Water™ Machine that is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, health enthusiast, busy parent, or anyone on your Christmas list. Made with eco-friendly Tritan™ plastic, the Echo Go™ uses state-of-the-art technology to infuse water with hydrogen gas, producing water that contains molecular hydrogen and all of its powerful antioxidant properties.

The Echo Go™ offers both a 3-minute and 10-minute cycle of hydrogen infusion, as well as a self-cleaning cycle for easy maintenance. Its portable size makes it easy to fit in any backpack, purse, or cup holder. In short, the Echo Go™ is the perfect gift for anyone who is looking to take their health to the next level.

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Fluoride Filter

Show your love to those on your Christmas list by giving them the best possible version of one of life’s necessities: clean water. The water we drink is often filled with unwanted contaminants, so properly filtering your water can make a world of difference! With the Fluoride Filter, you can help your friends and family enjoy cleaner water and greater overall health.

The Fluoride Filter can be easily installed directly into the waterline. With its 20-micron filtration system, it removes not only fluoride, but chlorine and heavy metals. This small but powerful filter is great for those who have an Echo Water™ Machine or for those who want cleaner water coming from their home filtration system or refrigerator.

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Hard Water Filter

With 85% of the United States using hard water, everyone could do with some better water. (1) The Hard Water Filter uses 20-micron filtration to decrease the total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water. As a result, you can enjoy water that is safer to drink and can help you avoid health issues that come from many common water contaminants.

The Hard Water Filter can be installed directly into the waterline, making it easy for anyone to access cleaner water in their home.

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Sulfur & Heavy Metals Filter

Do you have someone on your Christmas shopping list who uses well water? If so, they may appreciate a Sulfur & Heavy Metals Filter. After being easily installed into the waterline, this powerful filter can remove contaminants like iron, sulfur, and hydrogen sulfide (the rotten egg smell) from your water. How? With a 20-micron, high-grade KDF 85 filtration system!

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Gifts for the Supplement Lover

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who is looking to improve their health? We’ve got just the thing! Chetox supplements contain key natural ingredients that help the body remove toxic metals. One of Chetox’s main ingredients, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), has been used for centuries to treat patients with conditions associated with heavy metals, as well as those who have Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, and peripheral vascular disease.

In addition to removing heavy metals, Chetox works with your body to support proper bone growth, as well as other health functions. Plus, by combining Chetox AM™ and Chetox PM™, you can experience its benefits 24/7!

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Testing your water quality at home is easy with the pH Reagent and H2 Blue Reagent Drops.

Gifts for the Inner Scientist

If you have some health-conscious people on your Christmas list, you can give them the gift of knowing the quality of their water for themselves. While adding filters to your water source can help ensure that the water you drink is clean and safe, some people like to take things a step further. If you know someone who would enjoy conducting their own mini science experiments to ensure the quality of their water, then these gifts are just right for them.

pH Reagent Drops

pH is the measurement of how basic or acidic water is. Water has a neutral pH of seven, and while drinking slightly more basic or acidic water won’t harm you, changing pH levels in your water can indicate an increase in pollution or other harmful factors. (2) For example, any metals in your water tend to be more toxic in water that has a lower pH level because they are more soluble (able to dissolve in water). (2)

If you want your friends and family to be able to regularly test the quality of their drinking water to ensure their water is clean and safe, you can gift them the pH Reagent Drops! Simply add a few drops of the pH Reagent solution to some water, and let it sit for a few minutes. The water will change color based on how acidic or basic it is, and the color guide will help your friends and family easily and quickly identify your water’s pH level.

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H2 Blue Reagent Drops

Ever wonder how much molecular hydrogen is in your water? Then you need the H2 Blue Reagent Drops! This solution provides a quick, easy, accurate way to measure your water’s amount of hydrogen in parts per million (ppm), which tells you if you are ingesting enough molecular hydrogen to experience its benefits.

If you know someone who has an Echo Antioxidant Water™ Machine, or someone who is simply curious about what’s in their water, then a bottle of H2 Blue Reagent Drops is a great gift for them!

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Synergy Science™ filters use high-quality filtration media to accurately filter your water.

Find the Perfect Holiday Gift

With this list of holiday gifts under $200, it’s easy to find the perfect holiday gift for everyone! Not only that, but when you purchase your holiday gifts from Synergy Science™, you can be happy knowing that you are giving your family and friends thoughtful gifts that can help benefit their overall health.

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