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Four Countries That Are Addressing EMFs

Last Updated on: May 5, 2022

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EMF radiation is all around us and many people around the world are suffering the negative side effects. To protect their citizens against ever-increasing EMFs, here’s what four countries are doing.


While Europe was originally a huge advocate for 4G, when it comes to 5G, many countries have fallen behind in the race, like Belgium. Of all the countries in the European Union, Belgium has some of the strictest radiation regulations. (1) Brussels, the capital of Belgium, has a 6-volts-per-meter limit for public exposure. According to the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications, without a change in regulations, “no new radio frequency can now be brought into service.” (2)


According to research done by a Boston-based market research firm, China has the highest number of in-home Wi-Fi networks in the world. To combat the negative effects of EMF radiation, Qihoo 360, a tech firm in China, launched a Wi-Fi router that “can protect pregnant women against radiation from electromagnetic signals.” (3)


In 2015, the French government passed a historic law “to reduce exposures to wireless radiation electromagnetic fields.” The first major part of the law banned Wi-Fi from nursery schools and any area “dedicated to home, to rest, and activities of children under 3 years.” For schools with children younger than 11 years of age, school boards have been instructed to turn off Wi-Fi routers “when not in use for pedagogic purposes.” (4)


While at first one of the world’s leaders in the rollout of 5G towers, Switzerland has now put an indefinite hold on the use of 5G. Officials told the Financial Times, “A letter sent by the Swiss Environment agency, Bafu, to the country’s cantonal governments at the end of January, has now in effect called time on the use of all new 5G towers.”(5)


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In 1996, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched an initiative entitled the International EMF Project. This project is designed to “verify reported biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and to characterize any associated health risks to humans.”(6) The major goal of the EMF Project is to encourage researchers to fill the gaps in knowledge surrounding EMFs and “to facilitate the development of international acceptable standards limiting EMF exposure.”(7)


Whether your country is taking steps to protect you and your family from harmful EMF radiation or not, you can always increase your family’s personal EMF protection. Check out the Waveguard Qi Devices™ by Synergy Science™ to learn more about which products work best for you and your family.

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