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Fight Back Against Allergies by Reducing Your Oxidative Stress

Helping you live your best life year round

Allergies are something that we all deal with from time to time. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Synergy Science™ has been looking into how we can improve our lives this season and found a few tricks that work for us. Maybe they can work for you, too! Read the full article to get an understanding of why your allergies are really happening and how to prevent them in your own life. Here’s to a happier and healthier you.

Oxidative stress impacts allergies

Do you find yourself fighting allergies year after year? Here at Synergy Science™, we noticed that nearly every one of us, in some shape or form, deal with allergies during at least one of the seasons. After years of living with the medications, the sniffling, and overall discomfort, we decided to dig a little deeper into the subject. We found that allergies are often amplified by oxidative stress. This in turn is also affected by inflammation. But really, what does all of this mean? More importantly, how can you combat allergies? We found out that oxidative stress can impact your allergies and several options that may work as a solution.

Proven by studies

As research has evolved in recent years, we have begun to grasp the implications of allergies with regard to oxidative stress. However, “… a causal relationship between [allergies’] capacity to induce oxidative stress and to promote allergic sensitization has only been addressed recently.” (1) What we now know for sure is that there is a correlation between allergies affecting reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and in turn affecting oxidative stress. What this means is that your allergies, whether they are seasonal or more severe like asthma and rhinitis, increase ROS. (2) ROS are made up of both free radical and non-free radical oxygen intermediates. Your body will naturally defend against the damage caused to your DNA, RNA, and proteins with certain levels of inflammation. While there are certain medications that can prevent damage from allergies, we prefer more natural alternatives to combat this issue.

The main focus of your attention should be limiting oxidative stress. It is important to know that there isn’t just one way to accomplish this. Take the time to consider all your options and figure out what is right for you. (3) We have found that diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors are the most important to consider before taking action. Simply improving one of these can have a dramatic effect on your health.

The easiest route for many is incorporating antioxidants and vitamins into their diet. Adding fruits, vegetables, or even simple dietary changes such as hydrogen water versus normal water can be a great option for those combating their allergies. Another option is to improve your lifestyle. Things such as physical activity can cause oxidative stress. It should be noted that a certain level of physical activity can be healthy and produce good oxidative stress, but overexertion or other large outside physical stressors can induce an unhealthy level of oxidative stress.

Identifying each of the causes of oxidative stress in your life in a timely manner is almost as important as the ailments caused by oxidative stress. Some of the factors might not be as simple as diet or exercise but rather may be caused by stress in your environment. People might not immediately acknowledge these stressors, such as work, as they are a part of daily life (4). However, there is an easy way to identify these in your life. First, take inventory of yourself and note your baseline in a calm and comfortable environment. What is normal for you and how does your “normal” feel? When you begin to feel any symptoms outside of your “baseline,” try to understand what might be bringing them about. Are there any changes to your routine or environment that could be causing this? Once the factor is identified, make necessary precautions to effectively manage or lessen the stress caused by this factor. Learn what compromises can be made within your life to aid in this endeavor. For some, it might not be possible to leave the environment or change certain aspects of your lifestyle. Rather, you should find a middle ground where the same goals can be achieved without huge leaps or strides. Everyone has a unique lifestyle and needs to understand what works for them.

woman blowing a dandelion in the park without allergies

At the end of the day, we want everyone to experience the best version of themselves. It is our goal to help you improve your health. We understand that allergies can have drastically different effects for each person and should be addressed on a case-by-case basis. It is our belief that finding options without negative repercussions should be explored first. Drinking hydrogen water, for example, is relatively cheap and offers no downsides as compared to prescriptions. We highly encourage everyone to conduct their own research, find what works best for them, and ultimately take the necessary precautions to improve their lives.

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