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Echo Comparison

The Echo H2 Pitcher™ is a great choice if you’re looking for a countertop machine that’s both portable and affordable. Its sleek and minimalist design lets you choose between two Echo Hydrogen Watersettings — 10 or 20 minutes — with the press of a button. The Echo H2 Pitcher™ comes with a rechargeable USB-C battery which means you don’t have to worry about installation. What the Echo H2 Pitcher lacks in filtration, it makes up for in simplicity.
  • Countertop
  • Portable- rechargeable Lithium ion battery
  • Makes Antioxidant Water™
  • Must use pre-filtered water
  • Machine dimensions
    • 8 ½ x 10 x 4 inches
    • 1.8 lbs.
The Echo H2 Machine™ is our most common machine. It can be used both on the countertop or under the sink — with an Echo H2 Faucet. This machine comes with a multi-stage internal filter that lasts up to 1,000 gallons and makes both filtered and Hydrogen Water. The Echo H2 Machine™ is also the first to have our proprietary Synergy Resonance Technology built-in. This lets you choose between 35 different formulas of frequencies. 
  • Either under sink or countertop
  • Under-sink requires the Echo H2 Faucet 
  • Multi-stage internal filter
  • Synergy Resonance Technology
  • Makes Hydrogen Water™ and filtered water 
  • Machine dimensions
    • 11 x 13 x 5 ½ inches
    • 10 lbs.
The Echo H2 Server™ is a great choice if you already have whole house filtration or a reverse osmosis system in your home. While it connects to nearly every filtration system, it works especially well with a reverse osmosis system. Its compact size makes the Echo H2 Server™ great for fitting in tight cupboards under the sink. This machine works under the sink and requires a connection to an Echo Server Faucet or a manual RO faucet. 
  • Under sink connection
  • Connects to an Echo Server Faucet™ or a manual RO faucet
  • Connects to filtration & reverse osmosis systems 
  • Makes Hydrogen Water™ at up to 1.58ppm H2 concentration
  • Machine dimensions
    • 9 ⅛ x 9 ⅝ x 3 ⁷⁄₁₆ inches
    • 5.65 lbs.

Echo Ultimate™

The Echo Ultimate™ is the flagship of the Echo Water Machines. This is our most advanced  water machine because it makes four different types of water: filtered water, Echo Hydrogen Water™, alkaline water (4 levels), and hypochlorous acid water (4 levels). It can be used either under the sink or on the countertop. When installed under the sink, it needs to connect to the Echo Ultimate Faucet
  • Either under sink or countertop 
  • Multi-stage internal filter
  • Makes Echo H2 Water™, alkaline water, acidic water, and filtered water 
  • 7in. color touch screen
  • 10 languages
  • Automatically switches between 110v or 220v
  • Machine dimensions
    • 13 x 11 x 8 ½
    • 10.5 lbs. 

What Makes Us Different?

There are so many different water machines that claim to be hydrogen devices. Echo is the only true hydrogen water devices in the world. 

What this means is that Echo devices are the only devices that have passed the IHSA standards and have accomplished certification. The IHSA standard is that you have to be able to use distilled water in the device and be able to dissolve 0.5ppm of hydrogen gas. Not only did every single Echo hydrogen device accomplish the standard but we actually accomplished 3 times the standard in 2 devices almost 4 times the standard. No other brand, company, or hydrogen devices have accomplished this. Echo is the clearly the best in the world.

Other Significant Differences:

1. The electrodes are never in contact with the water you are drinking.

2. You are guaranteed to always have hydrogen gas in an Echo Device. No constant cleaning or maintenance needed.

3. You can use reverse osmosis or distilled with Echo Devices pampering yourself with the cleanest, crispest tasting water available.