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Frequently Answered Questions

 The plug is there to keep the hydrogen module moist when not in use.

No. Do not throw out the plug. You will need it when the Echo Go™ is not in use or in storage.

Yes. You should remove the plug during use and only replace the plug when storing your Echo Go™.

The manufacturer adds a little water before shipping the Echo Go™ to keep the hydrogen module moist during transit and storage.

Yes. Run the self-cleaning cycle once by adding cold, filtered water to the Echo Go™ and holding the button down for three seconds until the light turns green in the bottle and you see bubbles.

You can clean the Echo Go™ as often as once a week.

You should use cold water in your Echo Go™.

You should not add any water flavorings, BCAAs, or any other drink mixes to your Echo Go™. Instead, we recommend running the hydrogen setting and pouring the hydrogenated water into another container before adding drink mixes.

Make sure you have tightened it properly since the bottle was made to unscrew from the base. Please call 1-800-337-7017 if you need further assistance.

The flashing blue light indicates that the product needs to be charged. The charger is on the back of the generator. While charging, the LED light will turn red. Charge the device for two to three hours until the LED light turns green. Then, remove the device from the charger.